The X Turns 20!! [Part 3]

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CFBX, we now look back at some amazing, and eclectic shows and hosts. Following are some examples. Rick Around the World was an excellent world music show with Rick Albert. In the beginning he combined a country’s music with food recipes from that country in each episode. His show ran for 15 years and he left due to illness. He tells us, “I’ve missed it but at least I now have wonderful memories.”

Rick Albert host of Rick Around the World

Brant Zwicker, station manager, host of Stormy Monday. Also, has At The Crossroads, a syndicated blues show on the ATC network.

Shelley Gummeson, host of Jazz on the Rocks, also syndicates her jazz show.

Brian Saunderson hosted Hurtin’ for Real. He covered the county/roots scene meticulously. After 15 years, he moved Hurtin’ for Real to the internet.

Hardcore Punk Project with teenager Ben McDougall. During the pandemic, he had Zoom interviews figured out before most people and interviewed many of his favourite bands.

Ben McDougall Hardcore Punk Project

Connections: The Art of Storytelling produced by Mike Weddell. This award winning program from CFBX is a creative initiative program of stories from many cultures and languages.

Julie Simmons, host of On The Marquee. This program focuses on music from Broadway stage musicals, movie musicals and TV musical shows.

Julie Simmons host of On the Marquee

Anime-d in Japan with Jeremy Androsoff explores popular music in Japan and Japanese culture. International students and others have provided us with shows in Chinese, Japanese, French, Ukrainian, Italian and other languages. Currently Panorama Italiano with Angelo Anastasio is one of our featured programs, combining Italian and English language and music.

Interviews by Programmers from CFBX

Following are a selection of programmers and some of the interviews they have done.

Shelley Gummeson: Neville Brothers, Jim Byrnes, Cory Weeds, Molly Johnson, Sir James Galway, Bruce Cockburn, Elizabeth Shepherd, Jane Bunnett, Michael Kaeshammer and many more!

Vince Almond: Colin James, John Mayall, Bo Diddley, Sue Foley, Sass Jordan, Little Jimmy Reid, Steve Marriner and Tony D of Monkeyjunk, Harpdog Brown, Big Dave McLean, Ruthie Foster and Tom Lavin of Powder Blues.

Dave Coalmine on Jazz Notes

Jim Dupuis: John Scofield, Jodi Proznick, Laila Biali, Peter Appleyard, PJ Perry. Talent appearing live and performing music on his show: Ellen Doty, Lindsay May, Sean Luciw, Vicky Sjohall of Cherry Bomb, Dave Coalmine and student Stefanie Pou 2005 UCC Idol prize winner

Richard Tronson : July Talk, Wildlife, Hot Panda/Bad Pop.

Others interviewed Joey Shithead from DOA, David Suzuki and many others.

The CFBX Record Fair

The annual Record Fair, spearheaded by Brian Saunderson for many years, is an important source of income for The X.

Vince, Rick, Brian and a customer at the Record Fair.

Besides vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, stereo equipment, clothing and even audio cassettes are often available. Tables are sold to vendors and they sell their wares at very reasonable prices. The resurgence of vinyl records has made this a must-go-to fun event. Usually CFBX gives away stickers, pins or CDs to those attending.

In Memoriam

Following is a partial list of CFBX volunteers who have passed away during the last 20 years.

Oliver Rinaldi (2003) jazz programmer

Iain Neighbour (2008) classical programmer

Steve Griffith (2011) jazz programmer

Neskie Arrow Manuel (2011) spoken word and eclectic

Tom Graham (2014) gospel programmer

Art Lewis (2014) classical programmer

Kenneth Brooks (2014) comedy programmer

Teresa Parisone (2017) spiritual, eclectic and talk programmer

Jack Pollard (2017) big band jazz programmer

Pamela Tedder (2018) volunteer

Bertie Hall (2019) board chairperson

Scott McNally (2020) jazz programmer


CFBX Educational Award Winners and Later Careers

CFBX is a great training ground for those wanting to become professional broadcasters. Both Samantha Garvey, and Ian Giesbrecht went on to the CBC in British Columbia. Ian, also appeared on the television game show Jeopardy! As CFBX is part of Thompson River University, it is wonderful to see that some of the student volunteers have had TRU Academic Medals bestowed on them. CFBX volunteers Alexis Stockford and Larkin Schmiedl, both won the TRU Medal in Journalism. Volunteer Robert Lang won the Governor General’s Academic Medal (Collegiate Bronze).

In a campus/community radio stations, many volunteers and staff arrive and leave over time and CFBX was no exception over its first twenty years. The Kamloops area and the TRU campus are a wonderful region to draw such volunteers from It is expected that new people will arrive, new music and topics will be explored. Also, new technologies will change the look and sound of CFBX over time. If the next 20 years is anything like the first, all we can say is “Bring it on! The X will be ready!”