The X Turns 20 [Part 2]

Brews, Concerts and Contests

Over the last 20 years CFBX has been involved in a number of events. Some of the more notable ones are the CFBX Brews & Blues Festival in 2006, the Jimmy Bowskill Band concert in 2007, the 10th Anniversary concert in 2011 and the Steve Hill concert in 2015. Brant Zwicker tells us, “Two years prior to the power increase, the campus station in October 2006 hosted the city’s original Brews & Blues Festival. The event combined a tasting session with area microbreweries and a concert & dance with the city’s own Blue Jumpers, White Rock’s Neil James Harnett, plus headliner Jack de Keyzer of Toronto.

The Jimmy Bowskill Band with special guest locals Blackdog Blue was held in the Columbo Lodge, before a large audience. The teen guitar sensation did not disappoint and put on an incredible blues/rock show.

Then in 2011, it was time for the 10 year anniversary party for The X. CFBX put on a free show for the community and listed many local bands and trumpet player Brownman Ali and his Electryc Trio from Toronto to help celebrate.

Volunteers working the door and selling tee shirts. Vince Almond (right)

The audience moved in and out of the venue all evening and enjoyed the diverse acts that Kamloops had to offer, along with Brownman Ali from Toronto. There was plenty of dancing and partying at the Kamloops Convention Centre Theatre.

Photos below: Joey Jack, Caitlin Johnson (Sleeveless Tease) (top), Sabrina Weeks (Swing Cat Bounce,) Bobby Hill (SoundCity Hooligans, Brownman Ali (bottom)

Sean Luciw

In 2015 The X brought Steve Hill to Kamloops from Montreal. The one-man show thrilled the audience at the Blue Grotto with his musicianship and coordination with his blues/rock show.

Name the Band at Iron Road Brewing

In 2019, The X, in conjuction with Iron Road Brewing, ran a contest to name the, formerly unnamed jazz band, that played monthly at Iron Road Brewing. There were quite a few entries. Some proposed names were quite humourus, including The Yeasty Boys. In the end, a panel of experts chose The Malt Men. Brian Henderson of Kamloops took home the prizes of gift cards and clothing compliments of Iron Road Brewing.

The Malt Men at Iron Road Brewing Stefan Thordarson violin
Aaron MacInnis guitar, Jared Wilman drums, Alex Ward bass

While events are not the primary function of CFBX, it is always a bonus when we can support live music performances in Kamloops. Perhaps when the pandemic is “over” we will be able to do some more of this.