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Daily Program Log

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July 17, 2020

8:00 am – Spirit of the West with Hugh McLellan
RW Hampton Moon Moon
Ed Brown The Old Timer*
Eli Barsi Moonight Cowgirl*
Over the Moon Alberta Moon*
Sons of the San Joaquin Moonlight on the Trail
9:00 am – Woodsongs with Michael Johnathon
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Michael Johnathon Pray
Bobby Rush Porcupine Meat
Bobby Rush Nighttime Gardener
Dallahan Spolkas
Dallahan Ain’t No Easy Way
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Lissy Taylor Heavy Hearted
Bobby Rush Me, Myself an I
Bobby Rush I Don’t Want Nobody
Dallahan Zold Erdoben
Dallahan Hurley’s House
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
10:00 am – Modern Jazz Today with Jeff Williams
Angela Turone and Chriss Platt Desafinando*
Song os Tales Non Fiction*
Enrique Haeine What of What We Are
Matty Stecks and Musical Tramps MB Blues*
Jimmy Haslip The Third Man
Jeff Reed Your Name Never Came Up
Troy Roberts Little Room
JALC Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis The Third Quartet
Christian Tambur Septet Crack the Whip
Cece Gable Fotografia
Stephane Spira Improkofiev
Graham Costello’s Strata Lyra
Ricardo Grilli 1854-1962
Emily Claire Barlow and Bocana Stumpy’s on the Loose Again*
Jeff Cosgrove O’Neal’s Porch
Vanderlei Pereria and Blindfold Test Misturada
Linda Purl Wave
Kari van der Kloot Swimming*
Jenny Davis Gemini Tango
Reggie Young Smash Em Up

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