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Daily Program Log

* indicates Canadian Content

March 04, 2020

7:00 am – the x team with peter olsen
colin james i will remain*
buddy guy too soon
bill bourne deep dark woods*
cyndi lauper just your fool
downchild when i say jump*
joan armitrading best dress on
jeff healey the damage is done*
james kinds take a look at yourself
jimmy zee roxy roller
etta james beware
neil harnett be myself with you*
bb king blues band the thrill is gone
harrison kennedy music ti my ears*
9:00 am – The CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase with Jim Dupuis
Audrey Ochoa Santa Rosa*
Audrey Ochoa Planting Rice in the Finland Woods*
Audrey Ochoa Alternate Universe*
Audrey Ochoa Because of Whom?*
Audrey Ochoa Song of the Rivers*
Audrey Ochoa The Shadow of My Shadow*
Audrey Ochoa Snap, Crackle, Flop*
Audrey Ochoa Zombie Apocalypse*
10:00 am – A Romantic Master Rediscovered with Joan Kjaer
Jonathan Plowright, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Stojowski: Piano Concerto No. 2
Vladimir Ashkenazy Chopin: Mazurka, Op. 17, No. 4 in A Minor
Jonathan Plowright Stojowski: Deux Pensees Musicales, Prelude, Fantasie
Podlasie Opera Orchestra Stojowski: Suite for Orchestram 1st movement
Jonathan Plowright Stojowski: Deux Oreientales, Romance
Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Stojowski: Symphony No. 1
Jonathan Plowright, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Stojowski: Rhapsodie for Piano and Orchestra
Katarzyna Musial Stojowski: Five Polish Idylls – Vision of the Dance
Aneta Kapla with Robert Morawski Stojowski: Euphonies – Gdzie Jest Twoj Sen
Jonathan Plowright Stojowski: Variations and Fuge on an Original Theme
Mart Wroblewska, Maciej Bogumil Nerkowski, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra Stojowski: Prayer for Poland
2:00 pm – Alternative Eye with Dylan Olson
Brandon Wolfe Scott Something Real*
Andy Shauf Try Again*
Amy Blanding Down The Line*
Sinead Sanders Home Anymore*
Sarah Rogo Smoke and Water
Holly Rees Stick Around
Kalsey Kalyk Bad Liar
Barry Allen You Don’t Know My Mind*
Barry Allen Good Things Coming*
Scratch Buffalo Call It Love*
Red Mass Howl*
3:00 pm – RVF with Syndicated
5:00 pm – Jazz Notes with Jim
Joani Taylor Town without Pity*
Mimi Fox iN a sentimental mood
Sheila Soares Constellation*
Anita Eccleston The Neaarness of you*
Leisure Suite Sew My Soul*
Pugs & Crows Rats that now star*
ThunderChild Sugar*
Audrey Ochoa My reward*
Mighty Aphrodite Might Aphrodite*
Jen Hoodge All-Stars Sing song girl*
Company B Jazz Band On a slow boat to China*
Alex Pangman Little white lies*
Alison Young Cedar*
Tia Fuller Save your love for me
Lolly Allen Bebop
Andrea Superstein Noveau*
Ingrid & Christine Jensen Trio: the garden hour*
Jodi Proznick Leg go*
Jillian Lebeck Dear Isabel*
Peggy Lee Out on a limb
8:00 pm – Drunk in a Graveyard with Robin Goodfellow and Scotty Floronic
Sicarius God Of Dead Poets
Our Hate Remorse of a Serialkiller
Pyramids on Mars Blood Moon*
Necrrogosto Perversions at Necro Temple
Dawn of Ouroborus Spiral of Hypnotism
Diluvian Tickbait*
Annihilator Psycho Ward*
With Their Names Engraved Pure Wrath
Woodhawk Dry Blood*
Demise of the Crown My Mind is Free*
Lutharo Wings of Agony*
Ulcerate Stare Into Death and Be Still
VHS Marine Monstrosity*

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