Programmer Profile – Meer Daneyal Abidi

Are you from Kamloops? If not, where are you from and how did you come to be in Kamloops?

I am not from Kamloops. My family is from India. Me and my parents came to Canada because my father started a new course at TRU, and my parents said that it was for a fresh start. My parents belong to New Delhi, India, and though I too was born there, I have not lived there for a long time. Before coming to Canada, we lived in Bangladesh for a few years, and then in Malaysia.

Are you a student volunteer? If so, what are you studying and does volunteering at the station help with your studies?

I am not a student at TRU because I am 10 years old. I am student of Beattie Elementary and I am in Grade 5.

Are you a community volunteer? How do you think volunteering at the station supports your engagement with the Kamloops community?

I am a community volunteer. I also like to volunteer at PitStop a lot and at the CFBX booth at the Farmer’s Market during the summer. I get a chance to meet with various people in the Kamloops Community and learn about their lives. I enjoy that a lot.

What is it about volunteering in general that appeals to you?

Volunteering at different places appeals to me because I like to help people and if it is on the weekends then it is a great reason to get out of the house instead of being glued to the TV. Also, before joining CFBX I didn’t know anything about radio or even heard much radio. But I like that CFBX has this opportunity for newcomers like me, who can learn all about being a radio show host for free!

What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of doing campus/community radio?

I like reading books and making trips to the library. I enjoy watching movies with my parents and going to parks or just running around and playing with my friends. I also love learning about new technology and talking about it. I am what they call a tech geek. I also enjoy doing art and practicing calligraphy.

What is your show about? What would a listener hear when they tune in?

My show is called Saturday Story Time with Meer (Saturdays 9-10 AM), where I bring stories from all over the world to children like me, who like stories. In my show, I also do a segment called Some Good News where we talk about some great things happening around the world. My mom also sits in on my shows, because I do not know how to run the boards and equipment in the booth. So after I read my stories, my mom and I discuss the story I read and the good news for a little bit. We talk about the moral of the story, what did I learn from it, or discuss some more details about the news articles I shared that day. It is a lot of fun.

What makes your show unique? Why do you think listeners are interested in your show?

All kids like stories but who better than a kid reading stories to kids. Also, there are not a lot of kids my age doing radio shows and I hope my show will make more kids like listening to radio.

What does campus/community radio mean to you?

It is such a wonderful place for people like me to have a radio show without needing any experience. Having this show is something that gets me out of bed, early on Saturday mornings.

What shows at CFBX do you like and listen to regularly? Why do you enjoy them?

I don’t get to listen to many radio shows because I have school, but I personally enjoy New In The Loops because it is my mom’s radio show, which airs right after mine.

Name an artist you discovered through your time at CFBX that you’d like others to know about.

Before joining CFBX, I didn’t realize that they had such a vast collection of children’s music. I like all the kid’s music that I have played on my show so far.

Do you enjoy attending live concerts? Why? Can you tell us about your favorite live concert that you’ve been to?

I am a little young to go to concerts, but I hope when I am older my parents would let me go to concerts.

What do you hope to do with your show in the future? What direction do you see your show moving?

My mom does a lot of interviews in her show and I would love to do interviews too. I would like to interview my friends, my teachers, my neighbours, and get to know everyone better. I love talking to people. I would love to also do a show about technology where I talk about the latest gadgets in the market.

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