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Daily Program Log

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August 13, 2020

8:00 am – Art of the Song with Viv Nesbitt
Darrell Scott Alton Air
Crys Matthews The Imagineers
Crys Matthews These Old Hands
Crys Matthews We Must Be Free
Crys Matthews Easy
Darrell Scott Alton Air
Crys Matthews How Many More
Crys Matthews Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers
Chris Pierce It’s Been Burning for a While
Crys Matthews American History XIX
John Dillon Save Our Democracy
Darrell Scott Alton Air
9:00 am – A Warm Welcome with Elymor Villanueva
Thanya Iyer Please Don’t Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, Who I Was*
Thom Yorke Black Swan
Jody Glenham War on This World*
Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron Love Without Possession*
Fruit Words
Jim Diamond Revue Dog House*
Dana Gavanski Good Instead of Bad*
Soul Mates A Pointed Quiet*
goodnight girl Electric Heart*
Joe Sorbara And They Heard that Laughter is a Way to Song and Joy
Regularfantasy Turnt Flags*
10:00 am – Consciousness Ego and Enlightenment with Cara
Sass Jordan Am I Wrong*
Angel Forrest House of the Rising Sun*
Angelique Francis Should Have Known*
Jim Byrnes Love is a Five Letter Word*
11:00 am – Stormy Monday with Brant Zwicker
Jim Byrnes Same Mistakes*
Mandalyn Wrecked
Black Pumas Black Moon Rising
Joe Murphy and the Water Street Blues Band Wouldn’t Treat a Dog*
Colin James Ooh Baby Hold Me*
Lady A feat. Dexter Allen Happy
Dave Fields Force of Will
Savoy Brown Feel Like a Gypsy
Kat Riggins Burn it All Down
John Primer and Bob Corritone Ain’t Gonna Be No Cuttin’ Loose
Smoke Wagon Blues Band Cant Take the Blues*
Swingadelic Lonely Avenue
12:00 pm – On the Marquee with Julie Simmons
Sarah Smith Runaway*
Raul Julia (Nine OBC) Only With You
Wendy Edmead, Donna King (Cats OBC) Macavity
Gene Barry (Le Cage Aux Folles OBC) Song on the Sand
Daniel Jenkins, Ron Richardson (Big River OMC) Worlds Apart
Howard McGillin, George Rose (The Mystery of Edwin Drood OBC) Both Sides of the Coin
Colm Wilkinson (Les Miserables OBC) Who Am I
Colm Wilkinson I Cannot Stay*
Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton (Phantom of the Opera OLC) Think of Me
Debbie Shapiro (Jerome Robbins’ Broadway ONC) Mr. Monotony
12:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan with Jeremy Androsoff
Various Artists Kyuutie Ladies
Garnidelia Error
Ron Korb Flute Traveller*
m-flo Against All Gods
Azalea Galaxy Hide and Seek
Horie Mitsuko Golden Queen Galaxia
Kalafina Kyakkaryouran
Uverworld Odd Future
Run Girls Run! Break the Blue!
AAA Wake Up!
ZAQ Against the Abyss
Egoist All Alone with You
See-Saw Anna Ni Isshou Datta No Ni
2:00 pm – Blues Boogie and Bop with Vince Almond
New Moon Jellyroll Freedom Rockets Blues Why You Worry Me
Aretha Franklin You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
Kat Riggins Heavy
Big Dave McLean Don’t Be Layin’ That Stuff on Me*
Downchild Can You Hear the Music*
Downchild Flip Flop and Fly*
David Gogo and Monkeyjunk Sulfite Boogie*
Rick Berthod Seeing Sideways
Toronzo Cannon and the Chicago Way The Preacher, the Politician or the Pimp
George Brock Poor Boy
Adam Karch Bitter Harvest*
3:00 pm – Jazz on the Rocks with Shelley G
5:00 pm – For the Hearing Prepared with Michael Trudeau
6:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Terrifying Girls’ High School Beach Town Chillzone*
Female Hands Divided by Three*
Hanson Brothers My Game*
The Isotopes Psycho at the Sandlot*
Kalik No Means No
The Black Halos Rusty Rake*
The Falcon Sailor’s Grave
Choke It’s Gone Too Far*
Murder City Devils Broken Glass
L7 American Society
You Say Party Star Trail*
The Maxines White Out
Hood Rats Exterminator
Becky and the Politicians If Boys Got Pregnant
Osees Blood on Your Boots
Death by Stereo Choose a Side or Open Wide
Unfinished Business There’s No Oi in Team
Night Birds Left in the Middle
Nutrition Leave Me*
Bad Religion Faith Alone 2020
7:00 pm – Do Not Touch This Amp with Rev. Steve Marlow
Braids Young Buck*
Elvis Costello and the Roots Tripwire
Primal Scream Inner Flight
The Seeds Pushin Too Hard
Islands Rough Gem*
Jaill Million Times
Twin Shadow Flatliners
7 Sleepers Promised Land
Hermetic Preventative Arrest*
Audiosleep Yoshi*
Overwhelming Colorfast Fearless
Dub Trio Bad Comrade

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