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March 08, 2020

9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
The Indigo Girls, Jewel, and Sarah McLaughlin The water is wide
Janis Ian Johnny I hardly knew you
Shannon Quinn Lake of Pontchartrain*
Rosemary Clooney Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
Bonnie Dobson Irish exile song*
Kyle Carey and Rhiannon Giddens Siubhail a Ruin
Nanci Griffith From Clare to here
Coig O Luaidh*
Joan Baez and Damien Rice She moved through the fair
The Rankin Family Fair and tender ladies*
Cat Power Ye auld triangle
Dolly Parton Mary of the wild moor
Patty Griffin Irish boy
Teresa Duffy A Soldier’s Song
2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
lecca What A Girl Can Do
Uchida Aya {Infinite Dendrogram} Reverb
Hamasaki Ayumi Never Ever
Iskwe Breaking Down*
Sasaki Rico {Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu} Good Night
sumika Sense of Wonder
Kamiyama Yoh {Kuutei Dragons} Gunjou
Sera Myu Cast 2004 {Sailor Moon Musical 2004: Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu} Junketsu no Narcissm
Takebuchi Kei In This Blanket
Hayashibara Megumi Natsu no Uneri
+aAlphakyun. {Journal of the Mysterious Creatures} Unmei no Rhapsody
Lenny code fiction {Enen no Shouboutai} NOUNAI
Survive Said The Prophet {Banana Fish} RED
Aina The End Shinitai Yoru ni Kagitte
Utada Hikaru Never Let Go
Andrea Superstein My Favourite Things*
Inori Minase {Somali to Mori no Kamisama} Kokoro Somali
GARNiDELiA {Animegataris} Aikotoba
Koda Kumi Lick Me
4:00 pm – For The Hearing Prepared with DJ M.T.
No Sports No Time
Lunachicks Jan Brady
Anyway Gang Big Night*
Parojoma Crystalized Insanity
Frumpy Roadriding
Lydia Lunch Mechanical Flattery
Diaz Bros. Life of a Fool*
Badge Epoque Ensemble Nature, Man and Woman*
Beverly Copeland Good Morning Blues*
Ben Bogaardt UFO*
Roy Budd Jazz Funk
Anna Domino Land of Dreams
Chelsea McBrides Socialist Night School The Void Becomes You*
Maxime Gervais et les Pepites d’Or Toutankhamon Est Dance le Ciel*
Girls at Our Best Politics
6:00 pm – Commitment Issues with Faith Bateman
Steep Canyon Rangers Blue Monk
Elaine Lakeman Sleeping With A Dragon*
Bob Guido Mooregate*
Electric Youth Real Ones*
Adam Hill Ghost*
Grant Dermody Real Time Man
Mimico New Haze*
Mo Moshiri Who We Are*
HMLT Stay*
Kanada Day The Anthem*
The Blue Stones Vain Vixens*
8:00 pm – That’s A Classic! with Michelle Kozuchar
Ice Cream Bun Roo*
Ice Cream Peanut Butter*
Ice Cream Bana Split*
Ice Cream Fed Up*
Ice Cream Dove’s Cry*
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Meinhof The Worm
Real McKenzies, The The Town*
Real Sickies, The Fallen Love*
Isotopes, The Poison In The Clubhouse*
Antibodies Everybody Fuckin Hates Me
Nightfeeder Born To Suffer
Harsh Devil In Your Pocket*
Les Shirley Caitlin Montana*
Manacles Politines kekses (WC News)
Cuts, The So I Drink
Pears Funerals
Huntingtons, The Thank God For The Bomb
Drowns, The Wastin’ Time
Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys The Interwebs Stole
Lie Bugs*
Soakie Ditch The Rich
Outpatient Are We Still Having Any Fun?*
Authority Zero Revolution
Flatliners, The Fred’s Got Slacks*
Field Day Enough For Two

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