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Daily Program Log

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June 18, 2020

8:00 am – The Cosmic Detective with Debbi Lang
9:00 am – A Warm Welcome with Elymor Villanueva
Julia Holter Night Song
Animal Collective Daily Routine
Beatrice Dillon Workaround Two
Kim Harris Neighborhoods*
Rose Cousins The Swimmer (To Be an Old Man)*
Sorrey Signs*
Dylan Menzie Coocoora*
Ralph Dark Clouds*
Yumi Zouma Southwalk
Shura Side Effects
Hiroshi Yoshimura Clouds
tide/edit Odd and Even
10:00 am – Consciousness Ego and Enlightenment with Cara
Rose Reiter Heaven Knows*
Jim Cuddy One Thing Right*
Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce Something’s Got a Hold on Me*
April Martell We Didn’t Start the Fire*
11:00 am – Stormy Monday with Brant Zwicker
Eric Hughes Band Fair Weather Friends
Dalannah Gail Bown What the Hell is This?*
Gerald McClendon I Think About You
Wayne Nicholson and John Campbelljohn I Believe*
Dawn Tyler Watson Away Too Fast*
Greg Kavanaugh Take it Slow
Mary Jo Curry Band Shake and Bake
John Primer and Bob Corritone Walking the Bck Streets and Crying
Marie Martens and the Messarounds Later Baby
Jimmy Johnson Strange Things Happening
Kenny Blues Boss Wayne That’s the Way She Is*
Matchedash Parish God Gave You Hands*
12:00 pm – On the Marquee with Julie Simmons
Kiefer Sutherland Song for a Daughter*
Alife Boe In My Daughter’s Eyes
David Tomlinson (Mary Poppins Motion Picture) The Life I Lead
Michael Ball, George Gillies, Carrie Fletcher (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang OLC) You Two
Hal Linden, Leila Martin, Sons (The Rothchilds OBC) Sons
Bobby Steggert (Big Fish OBC( Stranger
Justin Guarini Just Like Me
Madison Olds Second Chances*
Marc Kudisch A Father’s Lulalby
Michael Cerveris Onesie
John Carpenter (Guys and Dolls NBC 1992) More I Cannot Wish You
Mandy Patinkin, Daisy Eagan (The Secret Garden OBC) A Bit of Earth
Alison Luff (Escape to Margaritaville OBC) It’s My Job
William Solo (Children of Eden OCR) Father’s Day
1:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan with Jeremy Androsoff
Sailor Moon Musical of 1997 Overture
Utada Hikaru Kremlin Dusk
Hayashibara Megumi Give a Reason
Aikawa Nanase Cat on the Street
Hamaski Ayumi Dearest
Tenchi Muyo in Tokyo Cast Tenchi Muyo! Ondo
Sailor Moon Musicial cast of 2004 Junketsu no Narcism
Kageyama Nironobu Unmei no Hei
Aikawa Nanase Koi Gokoro
Celine Dion Be the Man (On this Night)*
Kotani Kinya Zure Zure Naru Kisetsu
Hayashibara Megumi Ame no Hi no Shakespeare
Utada Nikaru Hikari
2:00 pm – Blues Boogie and Bop with Vince Almond
Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman and Roxanne Potvin Time Bomb*
Jose Ramirez Three Years
Lindsey Alexander Goin’ Out Walkin’
Wayne Nicholson and John Campbelljohn I May Be Wrong*
Tracy K and Jamie Steinhoff Atlanta Moan*
Eric Hughes Come See About Me
Kenny Blues Boss Wayne and Dawn Tyler Watson Just Do It*
Ben Waters Rooming House Blues
The Proven Ones You Ain’t Done
Frank Bey One Thing Everyday
Dalannah Gail Bowen I Got You*
Kat Riggins Cry Out
Guy Belanger Hummin’*
3:00 pm – Jazz on the Rocks with Shelley G
Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco Close Enough for Jazz
Harold Mabern Dear Lord
Robi Botos Hope*
Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra This Bitter Earth
Earth Wind and Fire That’s the Way of the World
Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes A Chance for Peace
Marcus Miller Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Eddie Harris and Les McCann Carry on Brother
Booker T Sound the Alarm
JV’s Boogaloo Squad Slackvision*
JV’s Boogaloo Squad Chain of Fools
Soulive Take it Easy
Alexis Baro Path to Freedom*
Herlin Riley New Direction
Nnenna Freelon Cell Phone Blues
Maceo Parker Up and Down East St.
Al Green Stand Up
Lakecia Benjamin March On
Molly Johnson Protest Song*
Jamison Ross Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy
Kandace Springs The World is a Ghetto
Jazzmeia Horn Life Every Voice and Sing
Ndidi Onukwulu Move Together*
6:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Joe Keithley Wake Me Up for the Revolution*
Nikola Sarcevic Lock-Sport-Krock
Frankie Stubbs Shipyards
Jesse Lebourdais Sit With Me in Anger*
Joel and the Last of the Neighbours Hijack*
Roger Miret and the Disasters Janie Hawk
Justin Sane Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook
Art Bergmann Faithlessly Yours*
Kepi Ghoulie East Bay Night
Billy the Kid and the Southside Boys Us Broken Hearts*
Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds Suffer the Children, Come Unto Me
Emily Bones Dig Up Her Bones*
Becky Ninkovic For the Love*
Spencer Moody and Anzalones Quitting Time
Jay Reatard An Ugly Death
Lost Patrol American Fucked Me Up
Beth Ditto We Could Run
5:00 pm – For the Hearing Prepared with Michael Trudeau
Cross Communication Here’s Joy*
Project Pablo Sky Lounge*
Trevor Wong Kelowna*
Rural Alberta Advantage Drain the Blood*
Leon Lowman Second Safari
Rolan Bocquet Flash
Pacific Salt Raw Toast*
Bucky Adams and Basin Street Afro Minor*
Dead Fibres Do What You Want*
Ptarmigan Vancouver Reflections*
Karl Strauss King of Canada*
The Planet Smashers Pierce Me*
Dumptruck Repetition
ZYX Bad Manners
The Clean Anything Could Happen
7:00 pm – Do Not Touch This Amp with Rev. Steve Marlow
Defend the Rhino Somber Mafia*
The The Shrunken Man
Bob Mould Sunshine Rock
Cousins Speech*
Solids Off White*
Miracle Fortress Beach Baby*
Charlatans UK Polar Bear
The Style Council Long Hot Summer
Deerhoof Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain
Cults High Road
Rammstein Engel

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