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Daily Program Log

* indicates Canadian Content

August 21, 2020

8:00 am – Spirit of the West with Hugh McLellan
Randy Huston Cowboys and Girls
Austin Wahlert Brand New Leather
Tinity Seely Colts Become Horses*
Kevin Land Chuckwagons Roll*
Craig Chambers Cowboy Serenade
9:00 am – Woodsongs with Michael Johnathon
10:00 am – Modern Jazz Today with Jeff Williams
Trio Garland Nightflight
Harold Lopez-Nussa Timbeando
J&B Kings Drop the Heavy*
Five Alarm Funk Wake the Funk Up*
Alex Moxom In a Capricornian Way*
Eric Revis Baby Renfro
Hal Galper Trio What is This Thing Called Love
Zen Zadravec Mentor Discipline*
Enrique Hanine The East Side of Lloyd
Marcus King Band Thespian Espionage
Positone Swingtet Avalanche
Matty Stecks and Musical Tramps MB Blues*
Jimmy Haslip The Third Man
Jeff Reed Your Name Never Came Up
Emily Claire Barlow and Bocana Stumpy’s on the Loose Again*
Jeff Cosgrove O’Neal’s Porch
Venderlei Pereira and Blindfold Test Mistuada
Germani/Boni/Genovese/Marcocci/Kim The Edge of Mount Kosciusko
Carol Welsman A Taste of Paradise*
Michael Martynik Awakening
12:00 pm – Canadaland with Syndicated
1:00 pm – Nasha Kasha with Syndicated
5:00 pm – CanQueer with Syndicated
6:00 pm – Amplified Radio with Sean Savage
Demuir Soul Freeka*
Gene Kng Dance of Life*
Oscar P and Demuir Fela Chant*
Valentino Guerriero Endless Lies
James Dole Ex
Fred Everything By Day*
The James L’Estraunge Orchestra We Rise
Doza Andy Wally and Ray
Athlete Whippet Hands Only
DJ Sneak Drums and Us*
Sean Savage Puttin Manners*
Carl Cox Inferno
B Traits Breathe Out*
Loco and Jam Heat it Up
Setaoc Mass Light Falls
Deborah de Luca Chain Reactions*
Basic Frame Chiaroscuro
Gallya and Juliet Fox Against Gravity
Sean Savag Sentir*
Carlo Lio K Town Shuffle*

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