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January 16, 2019

7:00 am – The Putumayo World Music Hour with Rosalie Howarth
Quito Rymer Intro: Mix Up World
Zap Mama Rafiki
Issa Bagayogo Saye Mogo Bana
Madeka Miwa
Dady Mimbo Bouba
Julien Jacob Kalicom
Badenya Les Freres Coulibaly
Oom Anoma
Wes Lem Lem
Bob Holroyd Rafiki
Hardstone Uhiki
Aboutou Roots Hip Hop Yousoumba
A P.E.A.C.E. of Ebony Vadzimu
Gigi Kahn
Majek Fashek Exit: So Long
8:00 am – Wandering Minstrels with Jared Ingersol
Strength in Numbers Intro: Slopes
Tracy Grammer The Verdant Mile
Tracy Grammer Were You Ever Here
Rupert Wates Fields of America
The Price Sisters Widow of the Mountain
Tommy Emmanuel & Ricky Skaggs Song and Dance Man
Art Garfunkel Woyaya
Great Lake Swimmers Your Rocky Spine*
The National Parks As We Ran
Family and Friends Amadeus
Johnnyswim Don’t Let It Get You Down
Brandi Carlile Raise Hell
The Show Ponies Gone
The Rural Alberta Advantage Brother*
American Authors Best Day of My Life
The Lumineers Stubborn Love
Mumford & Sons I Will Wait
Strength in Numbers Intro: Slopes
Mary Black Another Day
Mary Black Still Believing
The Black Family Colcannon
Michael Black Youth of the Heart
Frances Black This Love Will Carry
Frances Black & the Black Family Time Alone
Frances Black & Kieran Goss Cast the Stone
Kieran Goss Out of My Head
Kieran Goss Reasons to Love (Heaven on Earth)
The Black Brothers Love at a Distance
Celia Ramsay & Shay Black Light That Beauteous Flame
Cathie Ryan What’s Closest to the Heart
Cathie Ryan Go from My Window
Mary Black Brand New Star
The Black Family Alabama John Cherokee
The Black Family Farewell to the Gold
Abby Zotz Good Bones*
10:00 am – Taloa with Jared Impichchaachaaha’ Tate
Whirimako Black and Richard Nuuns, taonga puoro Turuki: Kaore Te Po Nui Morikarika
Waiora, Horomano Horo, taonga puoro, Joshua Rogers, guitar Horo/Rogers: Kutuitui
Charles Te Ahukaramu Royal, vocals, Horomano Horo and James Webster, taonga puoro Royal; Uio
Musicians of the Cleveland Institute of Music Tate: Winter Moons, movement 4 (Finale), “She Runs with the Wind”
Charles Te Ahukaramu Royal, vocals Royal: Whakatau Mai
Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nuuns Melbourne/Nuuns: Polawwhiowhio
James J. Pallerite, cedar flute Yeagley: Sonata No. 1 for the Northern Plains Flutre, V, Vivamente
Ulali, Pura Fe, Soni Moreno-Primeau and Jennifer Kreisberg trad.: Rattle Songs
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Ballard: Incident at Wounded Knee
Linden String Quartet Shackleford: The End of the Beginning
Brigham Young University Philharmonic Orchestra Reed: The Plaza of the Ancient Village
12:00 pm – Science for the People with Desiree Schell
1:00 pm – Connections with CFBX
2:00 pm – Alternative Eye with Dylan Olson
Angela Harris Rocks and Stones*
Wooden Horsemen It Don’t Matter*
Fig 5000 Picture*
Miles Silver Possibly Ghosts*
The Spins Giants*
Matthew Pickup and The Movement Entrenched In Comfort*
The Motorleague You Wear Me Down*
David Morin Life Goes On*
David Morin Come Home*
Tiny Havoc Let Me Be*
Rob N Walker I Will Be There*
Ivy, The Pulse Free Birds*
3:00 pm – Rock inthe afternoon with Chad Hellingman
Fruit Bats Primitive Man
Sub City To loud for this city*
The Johnstones Whats Your Story*
Frank Turner Live Fast Die Young
Venice Queen Dead Blank Stare *
Kelly and the Kelly Girls Two Hundred Degrees Fahrenhiet *
The Spins Future Back*
Dream Feed Sun and Moon
Dark Sarah Wheel
Baby I love you Johnny and Jaalene
Circles Around the Sun One For Chuck
Old Mans Beard Tofino*
Broken Sleep Catacomb Gangster *
CHris Wallword No Exception
4:00 pm – The Beat with Ollie Kachmar
Belle Plaine For all those who I love*
Jim Wyly Wildman
Real Ponchos Stranger days*
Anne Deming Gasoline & grit
Jay Aymar The greatest story*
Eric and the Soo Modern life*
Sydney Beau Utopia*
Braden Gates pictures*
Kacey Musgraves Butterflies
Melanie Brulee I will*
Dirk Schwenk table set for two
Mike Plume Band Long Long Kine*
5:00 pm – Jazz Notes with Jim and
Tessa Souter A taste of honey
Andres Vial Green chimney
Thelonious Monk In walked Bud
Karin Plato Spring will be a little late this year*
Natasha D’Agistino Angel eyes*
Natasha D’Agistino I’ll be seeing you*
Peggy Lee Hymn*
Andrea Superstein Noveau*
Kollage Not gone*
Holly Cole Lazy afternoon*
Molly Johnson I’ve been meaning to tell you*
Cory Weeds Little Big Band Ready and able*
Ellen Doty Give love*
Hard Rubber Orchestra Movement IV*
Hard Rubber Orchestra Improvisation III*
BC Double Quartet Careful*
Avery Raquel Come right back to you*
Jen Hodge All Stars Southern lover*
Milk Crate Bandits Four or five times*
Eddie Henderson Smoke Screen
Jodi Proznick Let go*
7:00 pm – Ska on the X with Dean McKerchar
Jah Cutta Ganja Weed*
JFK and the Conspirators Walk and Talk*
House of Velvet Different Demons*
Ill Scarlett Down for Whatever*
A.R.T.S. Lover’s Pledge
Braces Skanking in My Room
Royal City Riot Just Say the Word
Funny Braska Relax*
Busters Sharp Dressed Girl
Bigger Thomas I Can’t Remember My Name
Cat Empire How to Explain
Kiltlifters Pass the Popcorn fade 0.48 tg (3:18)*
Blaster Master Brains of Youth
Waax This Everything
Gamblers Long Distance Confession*
Rancid Radio Havana
8:00 pm – evelution of metal with ande
bls stoned and drunk
damage plan fuck you
blinded by faith a day in north america*
blinded by faith the dead dont talk *
kataklizim a soulless god *
kataklizim suicide river *
nikola tesla in your eyes *
lamb of god laid to rest
orphanofkos infinite funeral dream scape *
“” the sky and cosmos are one *
cannabil corpse the disopline of revenge
born of ashes restricted*
black label funeral bell
amon amorth valkyries ride
9:00 pm – Radio Schizo with Lewis Jay
Germs What We Do Is Secret
The Fits Last Laugh
Cock Sparrer One By One
Bishops Green Alone *
Suede Razors Keep On Rockin’
The Shit Talkers Ewww*
Lama Paskaa
Attak Hell
Kremlin Lost 7″*
Electric Chair Roll The Dice*

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