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Daily Program Log

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January 08, 2019

7:00 am – Hear the World with Dheera Sujan
Joao Bosco Incompatibilidade de Genios
Joao Bosco Ronco da Cuica
Joao Bosco Trem Bala
Spok Frevo Orchestra Frevo Sanfonado
Spok Frevo Orchestra De Abril
Spok Frevo Orchestra Ponte de Laves
Celine Rudolph Eu Vim da Bahia
Celine Rudolph Samba em Preludio
Celine Rudolph Komm lieben mein
Orkestar Kriminal Dos Ganevl*
8:00 am – The CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase with Brian Saunderson
Tim Hus Intro: Hurtin’ Albertan
Tim Hus Man with the Big Hat*
Tim Hus Bush Pilot Buckaroo*
Tim Hus Dempster Highway*
Tim Hus Cattlerack Cadillac*
Tim Hus Vancouver Blues*
Tim Hus Coal Mine*
Tim Hus Beer Hauler*
Tim Hus Pipeline*
Tim Hus Hockey Mom*
Tim Hus Exit: Hurtin’ Albertan
9:00 am – A Joyful Cry, Part 3 with Julie Koidin and Geraldo de Oliveira
Ze da Velha, Silverio Pontes & Ensemble Callado: A Flor Amorosa
Ze da Velha, Silverio Pontes da Velha/Pontes: Velhas Pontes
Ze da Velha, Silverio Pontes & Ensemble de Oliveira: Flamengo
Altamiro Carriho & Ensemble Pixinguinha/Lacerda: Carinhoso
Julie Koidin, Paulinho Garcia, Maria Teresa Madiera, Heitor Garcia Garcia: Chorinho de Paulinha
Carlos Poyares & Ensemble Carriho: Pe Na Tabua
Altamiro Carriho & Ensemble Lacerda: Modulado
Carlos Malta Guinga: Cheio de Dedos
Paulo Sergio Santos & Ensemble Santos: Choro Sambado
Paulo Sergio Santos de Medeiros: Tres Estrelinhas
MP5 Pixinguinha/Lacerda: Segura Ele
MP5 Pixinguinha: O Gato e O Canario
Paulo Moura w/ Joe Nascimento & Ensemble Pascal: Chorinho pra Ela
Paulo Sergio Santos & Ensemble do Bandolim: O Voo da Mosca
Jim Gelcer/Paul Hoffert Trio Vitamin B52*
10:00 am – America’s Music Festivals with Orli Shaham
Eastern Music Festival Peter Boyer: “Festivities”
Eastern Music Festival Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5 “Emperor”
Eastern Music Festival Brahms: Concerto for Violin and Cello: II, III
Eastern Music Festival Philip Rothman: “Starsplitter”
Eastern Music Festival Mozart: “Parto, ma tu ben mio” from “La Clemenza di Tito”
Eastern Music Festival Bruch: Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor
Eastern Music Festival Dan Locklair: Organ Concerto: II
12:00 pm – Consciousness Ego Enlightenment with Cara Beckett
Jim Cuddy While I was Waiting*
Colin James Still A Fool*
Angela Harris Should Have Known*
2:00 pm – Live in the Shuswap with Richard Sevigny
Bob Rogers Lemon Squeezin’*
Bob Rogers Dude, Man!*
Bob Rogers Sunday Afternoon*
Bob Rogers Don’t Mock the Walk*
Bob Rogers Your Bad Self*
Bob Rogers Can’t Sit Still*
Bob Rogers Get On Up While I Get Down*
2:00 pm – CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase with CFBX
Gianna Lauren The War of Love and Numbers*
Gianna Lauren Bird’s Eye View*
Gianna Lauren Be Nice*
Gianna Lauren Mistakes*
Gianna Lauren Standstill*
Gianna Lauren Ghosts*
Gianna Lauren Thread*
3:00 pm – livemike with mike weddell
howe sounds curse of the currents*
barney bentall wont change the world*
georgian bay mining town*
joshua van tassel a turning tide*
anthony gomez peace love and loud guitars*
4:00 pm – Blues Boogie & Bop with Vince Almond
Artur Menezes Now’s The Time
Sue Foley with Jimmie Vaughan Lucky Ones *
Rachelle Coba Dance These Blues Away
Robert Connely Farr & The Rebeltone Boys Blue Front Cafe *
Marcus King Band Homesick
Regina Bonelli Playin’ In The Dirt
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite Bad Habit
Joe Louis Walker & Bruce Katz and Giles Robson Mean Old Train
David Gogo with MonkeyJunk Sulfite Boogie *
David Vest Genevieve *
Sugar Brown Out Of The Frying Pan *
Delta Moon One Mountain At A Time
5:00 pm – Rick Around The World with Rick Albert
7:00 pm – When Swing Was King with Rod Simmons
Andrea Superstein Nouveau*
Vaughn Monroe Ballerina
Freddy Martin ft. Stuart Wade Managua, Nicaragua
Ray Noble ft. Buddy Clark Linda
Margaret Whiting Guilty
Frankie Laine That’s My Desire
Dinah Shore You Do
The Harmonicats Peg ‘O My Heart
Vic Damone I Have But One Heart
Ted Weems ft. Perry Como I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?
Collective Order Tulip*
Al Jolson Anniversary Song
8:00 pm – On the Marquee with Julie Simmons and Rod Simmons
Rex Smith, Company (Sunset Blvd, OCC) Let’s Have Lunch*
Rex Smith, Anita Louise Combe, Company (Sunset Blvd, OCC) Every Movie’s a Circus*
Patti LuPone (Sunset Blvd, OLC) Surrender
Glenn Close (Sunset Blvd, LAC) With One Look
Patti LuPone, Kevin Anderson (Sunset Blvd, OLC) Salome
George Hearn (Sunset Blvd, LAC) The Greatest Star of All
Kevin Anderson, Meredith Braun, Company (Sunset Blvd., OLC) Let’s Have Lunch Reprise / Boy Meets Girl
Patti LuPone (Sunset Blvd, OLC) New Ways to Dream
Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, Company (Sunset Blvd, LAC) The Lady’s Paying
Diahann Carroll, Rex Smith (Sunset Blvd, OCC) The Perfect Year*

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