Log Thu Jan 5

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January 05, 2023

8:00 am – Hear the World with Deerha Sujan
Anthony Joseph and The Spasm BandConductors
Anthony Joseph and The Spasm BandDream on Corbeau Mountain
Anthony Joseph and The Spasm BandKiller Joe
Rokia TraoreYaafa N’Ma
Rokia TraoreKote Don
9:00 am – Locally Produced – Pirate Palace Tattoo with CFBX
The BlackjacksAmerican Death Cult*
Les CopelandRiding the Sky Train*
10:00 am – America’s Music Festivals with Orli Shaham
Chamber Music NorthwestShostakovich: Piano Quintet in G Minor, 3rd, 4th and 5th movements
Chamber Music NorthwestStravinsky: The Fairy’s Kiss, 2nd, 3rd and 4th movements
Chamber Music NorthwestBolcom: Easy Winners and Frog Legs
Chamber Music Northwesttrad.: Chinese Melodices for Erhu and Harp
Chamber Music NorthwestDvorak: Piano Quintet, Op. 81, 2nd, 3rd and 4th movements
Chamber Music NorthwestMilhaud: Suite for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
Chamber Music NorthwestMahler: Der Abschied
1:00 pm – Democray Now with Amy Goodman
4:00 pm – The Sink with Rob
Digging RootsLight Me Up*
Digging RootsCan’t Look Back on Yesterday*
The Lost Lonely SoulsCan’t Look Back on Yesterday*
Ten Meter BandOperation Short Boiz*
Jesse NortheyI Am An Island*
Ghost Funk OrchestraIntroduction
Ghost Funk OrchestraYour Man’s No Good
MaitarraWoman Loves To Write*
Fake PalmsSatellite*
Julian BachlowCity Sleeps Tonight*
Vivienne WilderI Don’t Believe*
IcicleOne Bad Boy For Every Girl*
Rip Pop MutantMiro Milan*
The Honey TonguesBones*
The Lost PawnsPersonal Tragedy*
6:00 pm – Downtime with Dev with Deiveek
Soho GhettoAnchor Ghost*
Nap EyesMark Zuckerberg*
Nap EyesFool Thinking Ways*
Prairie CatWho Knows Where To Begin?*
Prairie CatBad Storm*
Les ShirleySayonara*
Les ShirleyOn and On*
Lido PimientaNada*
Archers of LoafSaturation and Light
Archers of LoafMama was a war profiteer
Scientists of SoundInvisible Walls*
Scientists of SoundThe Beginning ( of the end of the ending)*
7:00 pm – the blues hiway – hiway 61 with doc charles
sonny boy williamsongood evening everybody
charlie musselwhitecrawling kingsnake
colin lindenain’t no shame*
delbert mcclintonain’t that loving you
edgar winteri’m yourss and i’m hers
john nemeththe last time
harpoonist/axe murdererget out*
blue moon marqueelong black trin*
john primerhard times
john primerblues , blues, blues
rita chiarellihiway 61*
8:00 pm – Indie Rock Dance Party with Jason Beers
By A ThreadFashion*
Shy ChildAstronaut
Black Tie DynastyDebt
Julian BachlowDance All Night*
Gameboy GamegirlRumps and Pumps
The TeenagersFrench Kiss
Les ShirleyIt’s Time*
Alice In VideolandRadiosong
0StellaGlitter on the Dancefloor*
Action ActionDrug Like
Skye WallaceTear A Piece (Bite Me)*
Children CollideSkeleton Dance
The EpidemicArmed to theTeeth*
Boy HarsherFace The Fire