Log Thu Jan 19

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January 19, 2023

7:00 am – Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall
Allison RusellYou’re Not Alone feat Brandi Carlile*
Suzie VinnickTalk to Me*
Terra Spencer & Ben CaplanSaudade*
Mia KellyVagabond*
Tommy EmmanuelSong for a Rainy Morning
John McCutcheonSong When You are Dead
Peter Mulvey & SistastringsYou and Everybody Else
Wally BarnickMidnight Rails*
Deidre McCallaEven Now
Coulee CreekA Distant Land to Roam
Helen Townsend and Shannnon SmithWhere are You Now
Blue Moon MarqueeHound Dog on a Chain*
Steve StrongmanTell Me I’m Wrong feat Crystal Shawanda*
Crystal ShwawandaHow Bad Do You Want It*
Bywater CallLeft Behind*
8:00 am – Hear the World with Deerha Sujan
Tarhana en Ghalia BenaliTekera
Tarhana en Ghalia BenaliOne Journey
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerGrana od bora
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerBut Roma
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerMagla Padnala
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerDen Leiermann
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerCica peece rakiju
Natasa Mirkovic en Matthias LoibnerIl je vedro iloblacno
Dina medinaTerezinha
Dina medinaSeiva
Dina medinaNha Terra
Dina medinaBoa viagem
9:00 am – Canadian Talent Showcase – The Blue Voodoo with CFBX – Vince Almond
The Blue VoodooWorld is Burnin’*
The Blue VoodooRust*
The Blue VoodooUncle Tom’s Cabin*
The Blue VoodooSimple*
The Blue VoodooSomewhere Else Instead*
The Blue VoodooBlack Moon*
The Blue VoodooWalking Shoes*
The Blue VoodooVoodoo Man*
The Blue VoodooPretty Things*
The Blue VoodooSouth of Orleans (Shine On)*
The Blue VoodooMonday Morning Blues*
The Blue VoodooSuitcase Blues*
10:00 am – America’s Music Festivals with Orli Shaham
Interlochen Arts CampFaure: Piano Quintet No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 89
Interlochen Arts CampBrubeck: Travels in Time for 3, 1st, 2nd and 3rd movements, encore
Interlochen Arts CampWidor: Symphony No. 5, tocatta
Interlochen Arts CampStrauss: Till Eulenspeigel
Interlochen Arts CampRavel: Piano Trio
Interlochen Arts CampArgento: To Be Sung Upon the Water, 1st movement, prologue, shadow and substance
12:00 pm – The Foreigner’s Records with Lara Romero
FonsecaTe Mando Flores
ShakiraCuega, Sordomuda
Manuel TurizoLa Bachata
Aline MoralesPra que Sambar*
Sofia ReiEl Lio
Nano SternMil 500 vueltas
NekLaura No Esta
Alex CubaLagrmas del que Llora*
OctaviaDespues de Ti
Miguel MateosCuando Seas Grande
Silvana KaneComo la Cigarra
Ximena SarinanaUna Vez Mas
Elsa y ElmarGrecia
2:00 pm – Democracy Now with Amy Goodman
4:00 pm – The Sink with Rob W
Ariel PosenBe Enough*
BlackfoxFollow Me Down
Ian DaviesBlue*
The Ember GlowsHigh Fever*
New JetzExpressed Yourself
Still CornersThe Trip
The KnifeMarble House
HaelosEarth Not Above
Ian Blurton’s Future NowToo High The Sky*
Aaron WylderMom and Dad*
Ivason BlackOne Word*
Noah HoffeldThick n’ Thin
5:00 pm – Mercury Behaviour with Olivia Holmes
Pip SkidBooze, Butter, and Bullshit
Pip SkidMust Be More
Pip SkidBrain Fog
The Melawmen CollectiveChasing The Moon*
The Melawmen CollectiveFool Me Once*
Ruby WatersLast Cigarette *
Ruby WatersLullaby*
OStellaLearn to Roar*
Mother MotherI Got Love*
Mother MotherThe Knack*
Snotty Nose Rez KidsPeaks & Valleys*
Mimi O’BonsawinI Wish I was A Farmer*
6:00 pm – Downtime with Dev with Deiveek
Daniil TrifonovChopin
Daniil TrifonovNocturne
Black BurnSoul Searching*
Quit itTaikon Mi*
Quit itGhost attack*
harry Connick JrThere’s no business like show business*
Mike EdelNeed you *
Mike edelSunshine*
Dogskin suitI found out*
Rosanne Baker ThornleySorry I’m late *
Rosanne Baker ThornleyBecause of me*
Paris ComboTako Tsubo
Haiku from zeroStars last me a liftime
Rebel HeartLight the fire*
7:00 pm – Highway 61 The Blues Highway with Vince for Doc
Julian FauthHighway 61 *
Homesick James & Snooky PriorCrossroads
Bad Luck Women & Her MisfortunesI Quit My Knockin *
Tomas GolubanForhill’s Boogie ft Skylar Rogers
Ann VriendPromises Promises*
Harry ManxWorkin’ On A Railroad *
Robert Hill & Joanne LedgerSoul Of A Man
Otis Taylor & Guy DavisLittle Liza Jane
Joe MurphyFive Long Years *
Suzie VinnickTalk To Me *
Joe Flip4th Street Alley
Fiona BoyesParty At Reds
8:00 pm – Indie Rock Dance Party with Jason Beers
Eagle SeagullYou Can’t Call Yourself A Secret
Oh No Forest Fires!It’s Not Fun And Games Unless Somebody Lost An Eye*
Ghost TwinBlue Sunshine*
Tegan And SaraI’m Okay*
Universal PoplabNew Baby Boom
Little BootsEarthquake
DumbPull Me Up*
The FratellisGot My Nuts From A Hippie
The (International) Noise ConspiracyCapitalism Stole My Virginity
SahaleeGetting Dirty In The Afterlife*
Bealby PointOut Of Time*
The VogueThe Sound Of Sloppy Kisses
Markos MorinBack In The 80s