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November 18, 2018

8:00 am – Dark Gospel & Bittersweet Blues with Carter Hodding (for Jim Jacobs)
Van Morrison If I ever needed someone
Tim & Molllie O’Brien Shut de do
The Byrds I am a pilgrim
Sounds of Blackness Victory is mine
Hank WIlliams The angel of death
Robinella & the CC Stringband Hold to God’s unchanging hand
Robert Johnson If I had possession over judgement day
The Louvin Brothers The angels rejoiced last night
REd Foley with the Sunshine Boys Quartet (There’ll be) Peace in the valley (for me)
John Fahey In Christ there is no East or West
Roy Acuff The wreck on the highway
Michelle Shocked Holy Spirit
John Fogerty (Blue Ridge Rangers) Working on a building
The Sons of the Pioneers Someone bigger than you and I
Mississippi John Hurt Praying on the old campground
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
The Rolling Creekdippers In my hour of darkness
Czech Philharmonic Janacek’s Glagolotic Mass
9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
Son Volt Windfall
The O’Kanes Will you travel down this road with me?
Mandolin Orange Wildfire
Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger My Blue Ridge Mountain home
Joe Simon Five hundred miles from home
Eleni Mandell I’ve got a tender heart
The Gosdin Brothers There must be someone (I can turn to)
Dana Falconberry Lake Charlevoix
Woody Woodworth Nashville by morning
Osaac Isaac and Marcus Mumford Fare thee well (Dink’s song)
The Scud Mountain Boys Silo
Kathleen Edwards Six O’Clock Blues*
Willie Nelson You wouldn’t even cross the street to say goodbye
kd lang Helpless*
Bruce Springsteen Reason to believe
Wilf Carter My old Canadian home*
2:00 pm – Animé-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
GARNiDELiA {Animegataris} Aikotoba
Shimatani Hitomi {The Law of Ueki} Falco
Ziyoou-vachi {Tokyo Ghoul:re} HALF
OLD CODEX {Free! -Dive To The Future-} Heading To Over
Hayashibara Megumi {Asagiri no Miko} KOIBUMI
KALAFINA {Puella Magi Madoka Magica} MAGIA
Winsome Kind Thinkin’ ‘Bout You*
LiSA {Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet} Thrill, Risk, Heartless
Shinohara Tomoe {Kodomo no Omocha} Ultra Relax
AAA {One Piece} Wake Up!
WeiB Kreuz {WeiB Kreuz} Beautiful Alone
Utada Hikaru {Kingdom Hearts II} Passion
Milky Holmes {CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard G Next} Pleasure Stride
Mawatari Matsuko {Yu Yu Hakusho} Smile Bomb
Jennifer Cihi {Sailor Moon – English} Carry On
Mizuki Nana {Magical girl lyrical Nanoha Reflection} Destiny’s Prelude
Matsumoto Rica & Ootani Ikue {Pokémon Sun & Moon} Alola!
Kinnie Star Big World*
See-Saw {Gundam SEED} Anna Ni Isshou Datta no Ni
UVERworld {Boku no Hero Academia} ODD FUTURE
Kageyama Hironobu {Dragon Ball Z} WE GOTTA POWER
4:00 pm – For The Hearing Prepared with DJ M.T.
Drumbago and the Dynamites Dulcemania
James Polk and the Brothers Power Struggle
J. Alpinist Waldorf*
St. Christopher Almost December
Barcelona Traction Sudamerica
Cantaloupe Woman Grant Green
Ewan Macintyre Going Nowhere*
Propeller Kix*
Insomnia Empty Streets
Les Louanges La Nuit Est Une Panthere*
Friz Be Throw Punches
Preston Love Pot Likker
Eric’s Trip View Master*
Lindsay May I Get What I Tolerate*
Dynarec Overland Travelling
John Beltran Blue World
5:00 pm – Area 51 with Ollie Kachmar
Ron Korb Cordoba*
Amanda Martinez Esperanza Viva*
Charity Ekeke he takes my breath away
Charlie Winston In your hands
Viguela Que si quieres moreno
Arthur Louis knockin on heaven’s
Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles my ungrateful eyes
James Keelaghan Oscar Lopez Buddy Where you been
Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles Chihuahua medley
Aubele Federico Maria Jose
Joaquin Diaz Cuando Te Conoci*
Radio Malanga Charito Va
7:00 pm – The Gripes of Wrath with Mishy
Dark Orchard Big Drag*
Dark Time Raven*
Chris Monson Open Spaces*
Lee Palmer Shake Em Blues*
Northland Rail Service Seasons*
Ouri We Share Our Blood*
Museum Pieces Color of Jade*
Veronika’s Ndiigo Art of Being
For The Win G Series
Winchop Adelescent Horse*
Nate Millyunz Been Through It
Tetrix This Is How We Lie In Bed*
The Sleeping Tongues Something That Surrounds You
The Tiki Collective Don’t Fear The Reaper*
8:00 pm – Women Who ROCK! with Michelle Kozuchar
Carolyn Fe Jerusalem’s Thorns*
Leah Barley Daddy*
Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers Honey on the Side
Shari Puorta Band Guilty
Bishop Briggs Hi-Low (Hollow)
Miss Quincy and the Showdown Talkin’ Trash*
Kat Danser You Gotta Move*
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar When You Walk Away*
Samantha Fish Highway’s Holding Me Now
Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce Bad Boys*
Cheryl Lescom Party Girl*
The Betty Fox Band Solid Ground
Amy Winehouse Valery
Gina Sicilia Ready For Love
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Caskar After I took speed for the “last” time
Seas Without a Sound*
Arctic Flowers One Step
Terrifying Girls’ High School Dust-Up at Cthulhu Saloon*
Tashme SVSC*
Urban Surf Kings Tesla Re:coil*
Get Up Kids, The Better This Way
Neighboorhood Brats Late Stage Capitalism
WLMRT I Don’t Like Patios*
Lie Weaponized*
Landbridge Freedom is the Grave
Mahones, The Drunken Lazy Bastard*
Stiff Little Fingers Don’t Mind Me
Supercrush Brutal Honesty*
Hank von Hell Never Again

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