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Daily Program Log

* indicates Canadian Content

November 17, 2019

9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
Colter Wall Bill Hickok*
Caitlin Canty Get up
The Almanac Singers Get thee behind me
Joe Henry In time for tomorrow
Doctor Lo Perfect
Dave Stamey The wreck of old 83
Cindy Bedard 155 Nord*
Stompin’ Tom Connors The flying CPR*
Tom Russell The man from God knows where
Kae Shelby When I get to where I’m goin’
Steve Young It’s not supposed to be this way
Dottie West Touch me
Blue Rodeo Four strong winds*
Emmylou Harris The ballad of Sally Rose
Mississippi John Hurt Walking the floor over you
David Roche Mary
Wilf Carter My old Canadian home*
2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
lecca Ai & Lie & Wine
AAA {Boku no Hero Academia} Polaris
Koda Kumi OMG
Neon Revolution Zero
Shiina Ringo & Utada Hikaru Roman to Soroban
Pallmer Grass Garden*
Momoiro Clover Z Stay Gold
Arashi Turning Up
Hara Fumina & Kousei Amano {Sailor Moon Musical 1999: Kaguya Shima Densetsu} You’re My Jewelery
Nishikara Takanori {Thunderbolt Fantasy Seiyuu Genka} Crescent Cutlass
Ishikara Kaori Face to Face
DA PUMP {Mairimashita! Iruma-kun} Magical Babyrinth
Hamasaki Ayumi WHATEVER
sora tob sakana {High Score Girl II} flash
Tosaka Hiroomi OVERDOSE
Hayashibara Megumi {Minky Momo} Suki Yori Daisuki Minkii Smile!
Tomita Miyu {Houkago Saikoro Club} Present Moment
Otsuka Akio {Africa no Salaryman} White Collar Elegy
Shari Ulrich Canada*
Frederic Sync Rock
Abingdon Boys School NERVOUS BREAKDOWN
Kageyama Hironobu {Dragon Ball Z} WE GOTTA POWER
Psycho Le Cemu AQUARIA (Hard Style)
4:00 pm – For The Hearing Prepared with DJ M.T.
Biosphere Patashnik
Souljazz Orchestra Boat Rockers*
Boyracer Stabbed
Yuutsu Repair*
Black Sunshine Electric Skunk
Jungle Royale A1 Sound
The Trend Electric Chair
Highly Disturbed Shadows*
Animal Slaves Analyzing*
Monkey House Book of Liars*
Heads of Our Time Bizarre Requiem*
Dies Irae Tired
Hylozoists New Realms of Vibration Translation*
Boreal Taiga Baffin Bay Voyage
7:00 am – Indie Can Radio with Joe Chisholm
Animal Confession Hole in the Sky*
Miesha and the Spanks Motorin’*
Dominique Fricot Echoes*
DOA I Just Got Back from the USA*
The Long War Landscape*
Born Ruffians Forget Me*
Long Branch Ash*
Fxrrvest Tidal Wave*
Eric Frisch Up in the Clouds*
Acid Test Slippin’ Away*
Acid Test Sugar Bowl*
In My Coma We Are One*
Kutch Collectible*
The Kat Kings Juke Joint Jimmy*
8:00 pm – Women Who ROCK! with Michelle Kozuchar
Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre Latino Jazz
The Sweet Lowdown Event Horizon*
Mazacote Mi Patria*
Junior Toots A Little Bit of Love
Celeigh Cardinal The Devil Is A Blue-Eyed Man*
Nitza Cold Winter*
Sofia Rei Koutsovitis Las Cascaras
Northern Haze Umiaq*
Ammoye + Rise Ahsen Swing Me*
Pacifika Chocolate*
Luisa Maita Desencabulada
Janet Rogers Kanatano:ron (Coming Home)*
Amanda Martinez Tomalo*
Delphi 2 Dublin Tommy*
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Against Me! Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious
Joey Only That One Last Song*
Jesse LeBourdais Go To Sleep*
Discarded, The My Baby is a Go-Go Girl*
Joey Cape Before My Heart Attack
Pkew Pkew Pkew I`m Not Getting Through To You*
Stupid Stupid Henchmen, The Baby, I`m A Nihilist
Raised Fist Oblivious
Code Orange Unclean Spirit
Submission Hold Truth Decay*
Purlicue Master of Mysteries*
Howling Lords Moves to Keep Me
Tsunami Bomb Dead Men Can`t Catcall
Trampoline Team Rearrange
Baby Control If You See Me Pretend You Don`t*
Ten Foot Pole Wake Up (and smell the fascism)
Flogging Molly Rebels of the Sacred Heart

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