Log Sun Jun 12

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June 12, 2022

9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
Adam RuzzoYukon gold*
Bobby BareOde to the little brown shack out back
Levee TownMusic martyr
Laura CantrellBees
Veronique LabbeFermez les honky tonks*
Justin Townes EarleMaybe baby
Polly BergenMaple on the hill
kd langBlack coffee*
Lee HazlewoodThe night before
The Wakami WailersThe legend of the Dungarvon Whooper*
Maria MuldaurI’m vaccinated and ready for love
Ian TysonSmuggler’s cove*
Patty LovelessHe thinks I still care
Lloyd CongerBeer bar blues
Paul SiebelPrayer song
John Wort HannamMan of God*
2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
Hayashibara Megumi {Tekkaman Blade}SPACE LONELY SOLDIER
Nicole & Brynne Price {Sailor Moon – English}Sailor Moon Theme
SAE {Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action Series}Kirari * Sailor Dream
[ALEXANDROS] {Ao Ashi}Mushin Hakusuu
Hamasaki Ayumirainy day
Minori Suzuki {Yusha, Yamemasu – I’m Quitting Heroing}BROKEN IDENTITY
Jeremy AndrosoffModest MANSION (With A Double Decker Venetian Carousel) -EDM 80’s Dance Version-*
Dean FujiokaBe Alive
Masayoshi Oishi feat.Tamura Yukari {Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de}Koi wa X-Plosion
AKB48Moto kare desu
DUSTCELL {Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo}Tarinai
the peggies {Kunoichi Tsubaki no Kokoro no Uchi}Highlight, Highlight
SHEERSpace Debris
Utada Hikaru {Ashita no Joe}Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
KOTOKO {Shakugan no Shana 2nd OP}BLAZE
LiSAShifuku no Toki
lecca featuring LUNA, TSUGUMI from SOULHEAD & JAMOSALove Majic
Prince ShimaMaples Turning Red*
Morning MusumeBeat no Wakusei
Aina The EndOtona ni Natte
JO1With Us
Suiyoubi no CampanellaEdison
Kis-My-Ft2Shining Ace
7:00 pm – Classical with Jonah with Jonah
Julia FischerRomance No2 in F Beethoven
Hans ZimmerExtraction point
HimekamiThe Preayer of thousand years
Lin Yi LianWildflower
New legend of white sneakDu Qing
New legend of white sneakSad mask
FayeThere is too much of him
BogheiPrelude 1*
BogheiFait Lux Vere*
John williamsStar war a new hope
8:00 pm – Lost in the Supermarket with Chris Sage
No More MomentsProblem Child*
FulfilmentBlack Midi*
Cancer BatsLonely Bong*
Belvedere…Good Grief Retreat*
Black LungsStay out of Parkdale*
The Black HalosSome Things Never Fall*
Blue MondayMaplewood*
Bombs Over ProvidenceI’ve Got Your Revolution*
D.I.Johnny’s Got a Problem
NecrosPolice Brutality
AgressionSalty Leather
Government IssueReligious Ripoff
RamonesBonzo Goes to Bitburg
The DamnedNew Rose
The VibratorsStiff Little Fingers
The UndertonesMy Perfect Cousin
Iron ChicCutesy Monster Man
No Use For A NameCouch Boy
SeaweedNew Tools
Ten Foot PoleNever Look Back