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February 18, 2018

2:00 pm – Animé-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
Utada Hikaru {Kingdom Hearts} Hikari -PLANITb Remix-
Zone {Astro Boy} True Blue
Two-Mix {Gundam Wing} Just Communication
Hidaka Noriko {Ranma 1/2} Yasashii, Ii Ko ni Narenai
Hamasaki Ayumi {Inuyasha} Dearest
Sakanoue Yosuke {Gravitation} Super Drive
Jeremy Androsoff Ghost (CBC Searchlight 2018 Entry)*
Nicole & Brynne Price {Sailor Moon – English} Sailor Moon Theme [S.A.F. Remix]
Tamura Naomi {Magic Knights Ray Earth 2} Hikari to Kage wo Daishimeta Mama
Ishida Yoko {Legend of the New Snow White: Pretear} White Destiny
Tanimoto Takayoshi {Dragon Ball Kai} Dragon Soul
Hayashibara Megumi & Okui Masami {Slayers} Get Along
Shimatani Hitomi {The Law of Ueki} Falco
Mawatari Matsuko {Yu Yu Hakusho} Hohoemi no Bakudan
LiSA {Sword Art Online} crossing field
Okui Masami & Matsumura Kasumi {Bakuretsu Hunters} Mask
AKB48 {Wreck It Ralph} Sugar Rush
Asian Kung-Fu Generation {Full Metal Alchemist} Rewrite
Rube & Rake A Little Too Big*
Inoue Azumi {Tonari no Totoro} Tonari no Totoro
T.M. Revolution {Gundam SEED} Invoke
DALI {Sailor Moon} Moonlight Densetsu
Porno Graffiti {G.T.O.} Hitori no Yoru
Amuro Namie {ONE PIECE} Fight Together
4:00 pm – For The Hearing Prepared with DJ M.T.
Brian Bennett Nuplex
Telex En Route
Sure Suddenly Cool*
Don Drummond Ska Town
Percewoods Onagram Mind is Politcal Pollution*
PJ Perry Quartet Two Bass Hit*
Belles Combo of Dominica Instant Groove
First Aircrash in Nevada Chemics
Jonathan Kawchuk Ebb*
Po! Treasure
Lync Pennies to Save
Polyphony Underdog*
Tommy Guerrero Organism
Mu Blue Form
Carla Olive Elastic*
Uku Kuut Vision of Estonia
5:00 pm – Area 51 with Jill Zed
Eric Brace Petite Fleur
Compassion Gorilla Sippin’ On A Sunday*
Eric Brace Venez Donc Chez Moi
Compassion Gorilla Sweet Swing Sleep*
Dennis Alcapone Sunday Version
Delroy Wilson I Love You Madly
The Lone Ranger Collie Rock
Delroy Wilson True Believer In Love
John Holt Darling I Need Your Loving
John Holt I’ll Be Lonely
Winston And The New Establishment Creation Version
The Sound Dimensions Please Be True Version
Jim Balfour Love Changes*
6:00 pm – Lucille’s Strings with Jack Seymour
Sabrina Weeks and Swing cat Bounce Sunday*
Adam Karch In Blue*
Cootes Paradise Better Stop*
Barbara Carr Keep The Fire Burning
Ndidi Onukwulu Boogie Mb*
Mike Goudreau and the Boppin’ Blues Band What Did I Say*
Downchild When I Say Jump*
Gary Kendall Deep In My Heart*
Eric Sommer Best Foot Forward
James Kinds My Mama Told Me
Charles Burton Blues Band Love That Guitar
Darren J Darren J Boogie
Kyler Schogen Time Will Tell*
Rob Stone Back Around Here
8:30 am – 8pm Rock with .
Stretch Marks Who’s In Charge*
Stretch Marks Force Fucker*
Stretch Marks Dogs World*
Stretch Marks Barren Cities*
Stretch Marks Sik Pleasure*
Stretch Marks Professional Punks*
Stretch Marks What D’Ya See*
Stretch Marks Time In Black*
Anti-Flag American Attraction
Anti-Flag The Criminals
Anti-Flag When the Wall Falls
Anti-Flag Trouble Follows Me
Anti-Flag Finish What We Started
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Freak Dream Let Me Out*
Lebenden Toten There is Nothing in this Place
La Luna Empty Portrait*
Baby Control Gun Face*
Turbonegro Skinhead Rock & Roll
Bat Fangs Turn It Up
Miesha & the Spanks Witch Hunt*
Discarded, The We Resist*
Anti-Flag Anti Violent
Kamikatze I’m Dreaming
Disco Volante This is Lobotomy
Warcall Riding with Zombies*
Propagandhi Support Gun Control…Kill a Hunter*
Arms Race Distort Britannia
Hygiene Void*
Gag Chains & Barbed Wire
Gunners Daughter Snake Oil Salesman


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