Log Sun Feb 17

February 17, 2019

9:00 am – Windfall – North Americana, Past and Present with Carter Hodding
Son Volt Windfall
Timi Yuro with Willie Nelson Did I ever love you?
Larry Jon Wilson Ohoopee River Bottom
The Small Glories Had I paid*
Merle Haggard Go home
The Civil Wars Dance me to the end of love*
Malcolm Holdombe with Irish Dement Torn and wrinkled
Steve Pride with HIs Blood Kin I prefer the darker side of life
Blue Rodeo Now and Forever*
Burl Ives The Cowboy’s lament (Streets of Laredo)
Natalie Merchant The blind man and the elephant
Neil Young Don’t let it bring you down*
John McCutcheon with Suzy Bogguss Sailing down my golden river
Joe Henry She always goes
The Meters Wichita lineman
Steve Earle This city
Wilf Carter My old Canadian home*
2:00 pm – Anim�-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
Hamasaki Ayumi Hamasaki Ayumi Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
angela {Soukyuu no Fafner ~EXODUS~} DEAD OR ALIVE
Perfume Mugenmirai
lecca Koi Hajime
Ron Ste. Marie R�verie*
Kurosaki Maon {Toaru Majutsu no Index III} ROAR
Sera Myu Cast 1997 {Sailor Moon Musical 1997: Eien Densetsu} Kick Out A Bloody Mystery
Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP {Kemono Friends II} Notteke! Japaribeat
Itano Tomomi Suki. Iukoto
Iguchi Yuka {Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Infinito Combat PS4 Game Treasure
Hayashibara Megumi Nakeba Ii no
i*RiS {Grimms Notes: The Animation} Endless Notes
Memai SIREN {Karakuri Circus} Yuudachi
Tachibana Rika Colourful Passage
Utada Hikaru Fight The Blues
Waahli Do You*
Asakura Momo 365 x LOVE
Kimi no Orph�e {Egao no Daika} Kono Sekai ni Hanataba wo
Hashimoto Ushio {Sailor Moon} Princess Moon
Psycho Le C�mu Gekiai no Merry-Go-Round
Takayoshi Tanimoto {Dragon Ball: Kai} Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go
4:00 pm – For The Hearing Prepared with DJ M.T.
Nomeansno Dad*
Soul Shakers You Ain’t My Brother
Carl Lorusso Jr. Fishing with Pirates*
The Passmore Sisters Dance This House Down
The Deviants Child of the Sky
Kaia Kater Grenades*
O’Fox Family This is the Night
My Dad is Dead Five Minutes
Harrison Midnight Snack*
Borealis Broke*
Rusty Creek Life is What You Make it*
Pere Ubu Modern Dance
Razor Sucker for Punishment
Deodato Uncle Funk
Family Me My Friend
5:00 pm – Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall
Dala Best Day*
Dana Sipos Morningside*
The Marrieds Fingers Crossed*
The Once Tell Me Something I Don’t Know*
Rant Maggie Rant Paper Boats*
Royal Wood Long Way Out*
Carly Thomas Lighting Bolts*
Dione Taylor Higher Ground*
Lisa LeBlanc City Slickers and Country Boys*
Madison Violet We Are Famous*
Oh Susanna Tickets on the Weekend*
Trent Severn Eh Canada*
6:00 pm – Indie Can Radio 1 with Joe Chisholm
Mounties Devolve Again*
Jory Nash Sister Station*
Reuben and the Dark All or Nothing*
Caardia No Breakdowns*
Francine Honey Hey Honey*
Palaye Royale You’ll Be Fine*
Catherine MacLellan Won’t Talk About Love*
Catherine MacLellan Faces*
John McAndrew Good Enough*
Scenic Route to Alaska How it Feels*
Acid Test Slipping Away*
Phantom Atlantic Lessons*
Odious Love No More Tears*
54-40 How’s Your Day Going?*
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lung First Time*
7:00 pm – Gripes of Wrath with Mallory Johnson
Sterling Hunte Love Conquers All *
Van Morrison Got To Go Where The Love Is
Birds of Bellwoods My Heart is Yours *
Craig Bickhardt You Take Me Home
David Graff Home *
Alae Home
David Morin Come Home *
Arkells Hand Me Downs *
The Ootn’Oots Look At Those Bees *
Robyn Honey
Abby Zotz Be Here Now *
Francine Honey Honey *
8:00 pm – IndieCan Radio with .
Brews Willis Where the Sharks Swim*
Mereditch Shaw Acted Badly *
Jeffery Straker Hypnotized*
Jeffery Straker Birchbark Canoe *
L.A. Foster Coulda Been 2 *
Townada Gutter Mind*
Ji Nati Lotus Mingus Clap*
Julian Taylor Band Zero to Eleven*
Abstract Artform I Am Canadian *
The Nursery Domino*
Emily Reed Be Your Last *
Hallows Die A Serpent in Juecca *
Sumo Cyco Limp*
Jeremy Fisher I Love You *
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Knucklehead Hearts On Fire*
Xylitol Gray Goo
Tunic Envious
Single Mothers Switch Off*
Inflatable Band, The You Don’t Know What*
Leatherface Pandora’s Box
Joe Strummer Coma Girl
Generacion Suicida Tipos De Control
Doom World of Shit
Le Butcherettes, The mother/HOLDS (ft. Alice Bag)
Rebel Spell, The Breathe*
Black Halos, The Start the Violence*
Intro5pect Sound is the Enemy
Jock Tears Handlebars*
Rabbit Ears 33rd Street
City Hunter Crimson Streets
Pure Disgust The Oppressed
Alexisonfire Familiar Drugs*

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