Log Sun Dec 5

Daily Program Log
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December 05, 2021

9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
Jeremih LockwoodChanuka oy chanuka
Nefesh MountainWanderlust
Sierra Farrell, with Billy StringsBells of every chapel
Emily Scott RobinsonThings you learn the hard way
Willie DunnThe Pacific*
Maria DunnWaltzing with the Angels*
Vincent Neil EmersonTexas moon
Shannon McNallyI’ve always been crazy
Zachary LuckyRex’s blues*
Alison RussellNightflyer*
Hayes CarllYou get it all
Shaye ZadravecNight drive*
2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
Hamasaki AyumiDon’t look back
abingdon boys school {Soul Eater}STRENGTH.
Ishihara KaoriStarcast
Kiyoshi RyujinConcert Hall
Utada HikaruKimi ni Muchuu
BUMP OF CHICKENsmall world
Sarah NeufeldDetritus*
Ancient MythRiver of Oblivion
ZOCFake baby
Crystal KayHitori Ja Naikara
Kanbe Miyuki {Sailor Moon Musical 2000: Shin/Henshin – SUPAA Senshi e no Michi, Last Dracule Jokyoku-}An Evil Dream
leccaYonde My Name
iRiSSummer Dude
DenonbuAkiba Cycle (Prod. TEMPLIME)
Kasahara MomonaChikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo
k.d. langThe Consequences of Falling (Love To Infinity Radio Mix 2000)*
Hayashibara Megumi {Slayers RETURN}RUN ALL THE WAY!
PucchimoniBaby, Koi ni Knockout!
GACKTBlue Lagoon
Kimura YukiTwinkle Heart
8:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Judy and the JerksBloodstains
Strange BreedWitch Hunt*
Baby ControlBest War*
Channels 3×4Plastic*
Mobina GaloreCompletely Disconnected*
Murder City Devils18 Wheels
Spitfires, TheDrop Kick Me Jesus*
Sweet KnivesHouse
Sainte Catherines, TheD’You Guys Wanna Fuckin’ Party After This? no.*
Mikey and his UkeSomething To Believe In (Ramones)
Red FangHells Bells (AC/DC)
SkinCrawlChemical Lobotomy*
INVSNExcess (Perturbator)
Call It Out!One More Breath*
Murder City DevilsPress Gang