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Daily Program Log

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April 21, 2019

2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan with Michael T
Kenso Beginnings
Minoru Miraoka Japanese Koto Funk
Happy End Ayakashi No Doubutuen
Samurai Boy With a Gun
Kuni Kawachi Kirikyogen
Ace of Wands Lioness*
Takashi Nishioka Manin No Ki
Kazuhiko Kato Arthur Hakase No Jinriki Hikouki
Kenji Endo Manzoku Dekirukana
Itsuroh Shimoda Everybody Anyone
Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans Chidori
Osamu Kitajima Masterless Samurai
Screen Portside Love
Daydream Hawker Say the Word*
Shampoo Ronde
Ricochet Blue Melody
Pale Cocoon Mizutamari
P-Model Rocket Shoot II
Daitokai Part 2
Kimio Eto Yuki no Genso
Apogee & Perigee Gesekai Ryokou
Saboten Floor
Jiro Inagaki Back to Rack
Wake Up Odorou Boku To
4:00 pm – For the Hearing Prepared with Michael T
13th Floor Elevators She Lives in a Time of Her Own
Boris Gardiner Ghetto Funk Enemy
Dayliner No Such Thing*
Bobby Mardis Keep On
BMX Bandits The Day Before Tomorrow
Urkimsher Plenty of Space*
Backfish Favourite Party*
Alta Tension That’s My Bag
Amanaz Big Enough
Altameda Losing Sleep*
Jimmy Heath Gingerbread Boy
Mr. Mouray Sunshine Supermarket*
Andre Brasseur X
The Nightcrawlers Little Black Egg
5:00 pm – Area 51 with Ollie Kachmar
Judy Mowatt Jah live
David Lindley Jah Reggae
Jimmy Cliff Wonderful world
Third World Hold tight
Annette Brissett NaNaNa
John Trudell Fables and other Realities
Colin Linden Lover Please*
Judy Mowatt I shall be released
Sterlling Hunte One Song*
Yoro Ndiaye Mamm maa Leen
James Asher Giving Thanks
7:00 pm – Gripes of Wrath with Mallory Johnson
Dayliner No Such Thing *
Vinu-Vinu Deep Forest *
Tomato Tomato Canary In a Coal Mine *
Canary Burning Man
Amanda Palmer There Will be No Intermission
Amanda Palmer Machete
Jazzlib A Fish Bowl Intermission ft. Charles Wellington Cumbersworth The 3rd*
Jazzlab Orchestra Abyss *
Joey Defrancesco In the Key of the Universe
Olga Solar Tulips
Layla Zoe Roses and Lavender *
8:00 pm – Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall
Rachel Baiman Something To Lose
Robbie Bankes Alice*
Scott Cook Alberta, You`re Breaking My Heart*
Harpeth Rising Love Child
Russ Rentler Le Petite Voix
Joe Jencks Let Me Sing You a Song
Joe Jencks One Piece At a Time
Joe Jencks Going Home
Arley Hughes Rescue Me *
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Bishops Green Gross and Net*
Briefs, The Out of Touch
Ape War Hack It Off*
Discarded, The Joyful Bits*
Terrifying Girls` High School Teresa of the Faint Smile*
Bootlicker Shellshock*
Krimewatch You Lose!
Caster Troys Runnin` Down a Dream (Tom Petty)*
While She Sleeps Haunt Me
Cocaine Piss Eat The Rich
Shit Coffins Continuous Pleasure of Living
Chesty Malone & the Slice`em Ups I Look Like Hell
Flesh Rag Just One Kiss*
Baptists Bullets*
Wake Rot*
Pig Destroyer Circle River
Harrington Saints Guadalupe
Hellfreaks, The Rope

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