Log Sun Apr 10

* indicates Canadian Content

April 10, 2022

9:00 am – Windfall with Carter Hodding
Dwight YoakamReadin’, Rightin’, Rt 23
Eamon McGrathCannonball*
FolkapotamusWe’ll dance again
Brother’s IvanNational Anthem of Ukraine
Caitlin RoseLately I’ve let things slide
Richard BucknerLil’ wallet picture
Jon Bartlett and Rika RuebsaatHenry Hudson*
The Canadian SweetheartsCanadian sunset*
Jim Lauderdale and Roland WhiteSix white horses
Ian TysonSpringtime in Alberta*
The Halifax ThreeOh Mary don’t you weep*
Stacey Earle and Mark StuartDedication
Joe HenryOne too many mornings
Sally Timms and Jon LangfordBlue eyes crying in the rain
John Wort HannamMan of God*
2:00 pm – Anime-d in Japan Insanity on the Radio with Jeremy
Hamasaki AyumiOne Night Carnival
Snow ManBrother Beat
Utada HikaruOre no Kanojo
Ken DunnDance of the Winter Fairies*
Hey! Say! JUMPSing-along
May’nFollow Your Fantasy
Hey! Say! JUMPSing-along
May’nFollow Your Fantasy
SalyuTokyo Tape
Golden ChildA WOO!!
KaedeHikari no sasu mama ni
Ringo Shiina {Ojarumaru 25th Series}Ito Okashi
DOESIn The Sun
Hayashibara Megumi {Pararira Paradaise}Soujou Rakuen
John Southworth (featuring Felicity Williams)Real The Reel*
TOMOOGood Luck
Mizuki Nana {Tomodachi Game}Double Shuffle
SAWAKioku wo Keshite Ageru yo
BoAmake a secret -The Greatest Version-
7:00 pm – Classical with Jonah Feng
SavfkThe travelling symphony
Wiener SingvereinSchubert- Ave Maria
Ludovico EinaudiExperience
Cambridge ChoirAllegri Mercy on me
River of LiveYou will never leave me nor forsake me
Sheng Xiao MeiMark of Grace
Xu Guan JieAll about A Lang movie soundtrack
Eric WilsonSonata for cello and piano Rachmanilov*
8:00 pm – Lost in the Supermarket with Chris Sage
Hate it TooDon’t Even Bother*
Strange ColoursThe Setting Sun*
The HypnoticsParadise Beach*
MalevolenceMind’s Eye*
FulgoreCaustic Disintergration*
Father MoonMother Earth*
American FootballNever Meant
SNFUDrunk on a Bike*
NOFXSix Years on Dope
NothingtonThe Lies I Need
Iron ChicMy Best Friend
The Lawrence ArmsThe Slowest Drink
SeaweedMagic Mountainman
Screeching WeaselKamala’s Too Nicea
9:00 pm – Broken Glass with Myles Gregory
Joel and the Last of the NeighboursHijack*
Midwich CuckoosHourglass
North GraffitiAny Other Way*
Hippycritz, TheDiareah Nosebleed*
Da Beumb ProjectNeedless To Say*
Booze & GloryDarkest Nights
Cloverhearts, TheFuck Trains in Italia
Depleted UraniumCounter Balance*
I Hate SexVoodoo Dolls of Old Friends*
SweatNew Kind of Dag
DogmaUp and Coming
DekonstruktUnlimit My Mind
Fuck The FactsDriving Through Fallen Cities*
PisskrantDags att fa panik
BoysetsfireCurtain Call
Cease FireBombs Drop
Like A MotorcycleHotel Hallway*