Log Sat Oct 22

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October 22, 2022

9:00 am – Saturday Storytime With Meer with Meer Daneyaal Abidi and Radhika Maira Tabrez
Judy & DavidBe Your Friend*
Judy & DavidGravity*
Judy & DavidStanding Up*
Judy & DavidAir Guitar*
10:00 am – New In The Loops with Radhika Maira Tabrez
Megan InhenCome up from the fields
Fischer DuoAndante Mosso
Billy drummand and Freedom of IdeasLittle Melonae
Ferdinando DeSenaToccata Miami
12:00 pm – The Top 30 Show with Steve Marlow
PACKSDon’t Go for the Goat’s Milk*
Harrison KennedyEasiest Thing I Do*
The Cookers QuintetCanyon*
All India RadioThe New Age
Summer BruisesFall*
The Royal FoundryGreater Good*
The Burning HellSwan Boat Song*
Bibi ClubL’Oiseau Rouge*
Western BlocPeace Pigs*
Shared ImageFortune and Fame*
Shoulder SeasonMaking Plans*
Blue Moon MarqueeRed Dust Rising*
2:00 pm – Earshot 20 with DJ Darko
MakadiRaspberry Lemonade*
Jade MonetA Type*
NaduhOn Venus*
BxB LoveMatrix*
Crystal ShawandaI Want My Soul Back*
Julia JacklinLove, Try Not to Let Go
Alex GRunner
Sampa the GreatLane
Panda Bear and Sonic BoomGettin to the Point
Status/Non-StatusBlown Tire*
Blue Moon MarqueeThick as Thieves*
Bibi ClubFemme-Lady*
PreoccupationsDeath of Melody*
Thanya IyerNew Kind of Swim*
Heaven for RealYears in My Mirage*
JaywoodThank You*
MetricAll Comes Crashing*
Mariel BuckleyNeon Blue*
Fake PalmsWasted Silhouettes*
MarciBB I Would Die*
Sudan ArchivesSelfish Soul
The SadiesMore Alone*
Kiwi Jr.The Extra Sees the Film*