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Daily Program Log

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June 23, 2018

7:00 am – Boomer Home Companion with Allen Holender
9:00 am – Putumayo World Music Hour with Rosalie Howarth
Paolo Conte Via Con Me
Daniel Luna El Besito Cachicurris
Giulia y Los Tellarini La Lay de Retiro
Federico Aubele Postales
Majek Fashek Love and Affection
Aterciopelados Olugendo Lw’e Bulaya
Les Escrocs Assedic
Shakira Hay Amores
Joe Dassin Les Champs-Elysees
Os Mutantes Baby
A.R. Raman Tere Bina
Dick Annegarn Coutances
Salif Keita Tomorrow
Nouvelle Vauge Manner of Speaking
Jorge Drexler Al Otro Lado del Rio
10:00 am – Woodsongs with Michael Johnathon
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Michael Johnathon Rainbow Wife
Calan Dennis Polca
Calan Tale of Two Dragons
Beyond the Pale Iom Dragoi*
Beyond the Pale Ispravnost Licne Vizije*
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
One Fret Over Rabbit in the Log
Calan Gwdih’s Shoes
Calan Slip Jigs
Beyond the Pale Bulgar*
Beyond the Pale Batuta*
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
11:00 am – Alternative Radio with David Barsamian
12:00 pm – The Top 30 Show with Steve Marlow
Sean Poluk Five Long Years*
Slocan Ramblers First Train in the Morning*
Mike Zito The World We Live In
Near East Cairo*
Lewis West DeAdder Four Strong Winds*
Jeff Morris The Writer*
Big Fancy Everything I Ever Had*
Jennifer Castle Crying Shame*
D.O.A. Just Got Back from the USA*
Dusted Cut Corners*
Mike Goudreau The Grass Ain’t Greener*
David Vest Gotta Travel On*
4:00 pm – Weekend Folk Mix with Dylan Olson (fill in for Gene)
Jane Archer and The Reactionaries Great Atomic Power*
Kelly Joe Phelps Tight To The Jar
Adam Pudington Secondhand Heart*
Samantha Martin Back Home*
The Once Any Other Way*
Ranzel X Kendrick Unchained Melody
Donovan Woods Truck Full Of Money*
The Slocan Ramblers Just To Know*
Tony Rice Strong Winds
Kate Maki Boredom Blues*
Ethan Parker Long Enough
Joe Goldmark Night Flight
Lay Awakes Stanley
Lifers Pull Me Under*
Peter Case Let’s Turn This Thing Around
Robin Stanley Book Of Love*
Brian Gladstone Lightning Man*
Aaron Allen and The Small City Saints Runaway*
Tommy John Ehman Heavy Load*
Keith Kitchen Keeper Of The Fire*
Joel Thomas Hynes The Sky Is Falling*
Puzzleroot 500 Rivers*
Gordon Lightfoot A Painter Passing Through*
Lucky Sonne The Way I Am*
Jeff Morris Astroheart*
Home Team Rise Of The Republic*
4:00 pm – Weekend Folk Mix (Hour 2–promos and PSAs) with Dylan Olson (fill in for Gene)
6:00 pm – Bollywood love hour with Bollywood Love Angel Miss Rubie Ocean
palak muchall kaun tujhe
shreya goshal raabta
himesh reshamiyya viraaniyaan
ankhil teri kami
harrdy sandhu backbone
kumar sanu suraj hua madham
lata mangeshkar aaj phir jeene ki
sp balasubrahmanya yeh haseen wadiya
tony neha kakkar chand mera naraaz
kishore kumar mere sapnon ki raani


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