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Daily Program Log

* indicates Canadian Content

January 26, 2019

7:00 am – Old Parlour Radio with Syndicated
8:00 am – Canadaland with Syndicated
9:00 am – Putumayo World Music Hour with Rosalie Howarth
Kaya Stir it Up
Guarejele C’est Qui Paye
Alan Stivell and Youssou N’Dour A United Earth 1
Chebli Nadhiri (Promesse)
King Mensah Topodola
Bernard Uedre Rawagu
Zulya Saginou (Yearning)
Badenya les Freres Coulibaly Boroto
Te Vaka Tautai E
Tico Libiee No Prekupa
Baco Ma Dhwamana
Intik Notre Devoir
OK! Ryos Co Era So
10:00 am – Woodsongs with Syndicated
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Michael Johnathon Mountains O’Mourne
Hiroya Tsukamoto Gemini Bridge
Hiroya Tsukamoto Takibi
Youssra El Hawary On the Street
Youssra El Hawary Bas Kollo Yehoon
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Eddy Wana Bach Prelude
Hiroya Tsukamoto Asodoya Yunta
Hiroya Tsukamoto Soledad
Youssra El Hawary In Kollena Hannam Belleil
Youssra El Hawary El Soor
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
11:00 am – Alternative Radio with David Barsamian
12:00 pm – The Top 30 Show with Steve Marlow
Kaia Kater Canyonland*
Alicia Hansen Fame and Glory*
Jimmy Rankin Thin Ice*
Art and Music Memory Day
Nik Tee Before the Last Call*
Single Mothers 24/7*
Hook and Nail Ride*
Seas Without a Sound*
Buildings and Food Slow to Reverse*
Future Peers Blood Season*
Barbra Lica Drive*
Mother Mother Only Love*

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