Log Sat Aug 31


Daily Program Log

* indicates Canadian Content

August 31, 2019

7:00 am – Old Parlour Radio with Syndicated
8:00 am – Canadaland with Syndicated
9:00 am – Putumayo World Music Hour with Rosalie Howarth
Idan Raichel Project Bo’ee (Come to Me)
Etti Ankri My Secret Was Taken
Italy Pearl Chipopo
Amal Murkus Taalu
Mosh Ben Ari M Rak Na’iz
Hadas Dagul Seret Eelem (Silent Film)
David Broza Srohim
Ehud Banai Track 3
Tea Packs Vehapaam Shir Ahava
Sheva Ashrey Ha’ish
Rona Kenan Ha’rikud Ha’muzar Shel Ha’lev
Chava Alberstein and the Klezmatics Di Goldene Pave
Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri Ensemble Sei Yona
10:00 am – Woodsongs with Michael Johnathon
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Michael Johnathon Simple Life
Shane Hennessy America Patrol
Shane Hennessy Marrakech
Al, Alice and Ruth Let’s Go Out to the Country
Al, Alice and Ruth Down in Old Kentucky
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
Ben Kennington Gentle on My Mind
Shane Hennessy Sailing to Shore
Shane Hennessy Riverdance
Al, Alice and Ruth My Lazy Day
Al, Alice and Ruth Cool of the Day
Michael Johnathon Colista’s Jam
11:00 am – Alternative Radio with David Barsamian
12:00 pm – The Top 30 Show with Steve Marlow
Donovan Woods Burn That Bridge*
The Day Island
Headache24 Hey Stranger*
TANDM Girl in the Bathroom Mirror*
Toebow Key Song
Starlight Pines Afraid*
Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds Black Haze*
Black Mountain Future Shade*
Lucas Choi Zimbel Contemplating the Calamity*
Allison Lupton Away*
Hush Hush Noise Beautiful Lonely*
Mauno Expectations*

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