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January 10, 2022

10:00 am – DW Festival Concerts with Rick Fulker
Hamburger RatsmusikStrungk: Sonata a 6 in A minor
Hamburger RatsmusikScheditL Paduana/Galliarada/Allemande/Courante
Hamburger RatsmusikThiele: Prelude/Courante/Sarabande
Hamburger RatsmusikPraetorius: Ballet/Courate/Galliarde/Volte
Hamburger RatsmusikSchein: Canzona a 5 in C Major/A Major
Orchestra of the Age of EnlightenmentBach: Orchestral Wuite in B Minor BWV 1067
Orchestra of the Age of EnlightenmentBach: Concerto in D Minor for two violins, strings and continuo, BWV 1043
Orchestra of the Age of EnlightenmentHiller: Sinfonia in F Major from the Cantata “On the Arrival of the Esteemed Landed Gentry”
Orchestra of the Age of EnlightenmentMozart: Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550
12:00 pm – Nasha Kasha with Syndicated
1:00 pm – Counterspin – Latin Waves with Syndicated
5:00 pm – ProgDog with Jason Bermiller
Spock’s BeardProgDog Theme (excerpt from “Crack The Big Sky”)
Black BonzoThorns Upon A Crown
Opium CartelMariner, Come In
Max WebsterGravity*
David Barrett TrioCorona Goodbye*
Glass HammerCold Star
SagaIt Doesn’t Matter (Who You Are)*
Frost*Kill The Orchestra
Iron MaidenThe Time Machine
Sef LemelinVariation*
SylvanUnleashed Power
TrifectaProto Molecule
The Flower KingsEnd On A High Note
Spock’s BeardProgDog Theme (excerpt from “Crack The Big Sky”)
7:00 pm – Electronic beats with Paolo Bigit
MM CroneSummer to Fall *
Part GFeel me up*
BeatchildDance for love*
Kasper BjorkeRunning
Painted FoxesLife*
Die Scum Inc.A glimmer of hope*
WAANTSWhen the summer comes*
WAANTSSlipping away*
WAANTSKeep careful*
8:00 pm – This Microphine Smells! with Richard Tronson
landtitlesno voices*
landtitlesfolded yellow, framed*
Billie EilishOxytocin
The GarrysIt’s Over*
GrouploveThe Great Unknown
Colin JamesDown on The Bottom*
Bad PopYou’ll Be Fine*
Goodbye HonoluluDye My Hair*
Illuminati HottiesJoni: LA’s No. 1 Health Goth
A Giant DogAngst In Your Pants
Bad WaitressStrawberry Milkshake*
Deap VallyI Like Crime