Log Fri Sep 16

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September 16, 2022

7:00 am – Art of the Song with Viv Nesbitt
Darrell ScottAlton Air
DariaI Have a Dream
DariaWe’ve Got the Whole World
DariaLa Cucaracha
DariaHold the Line
DariaAssalam Aleykum
John DillonMessage from the Mountain
DariaDump the Bosses Off Your Back
DaraThanks to All the Doctors and Nurses
Darrell ScottAlton Air
8:00 am – Back Porch Bluegrass with Paul Trenwith
9:00 am – CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase with CFBX
James DanderferSouth Rampart Street Parade*
James DanderferSmoke and Mirrors*
James DanderferJoy in the Streets*
James DanderferSwingin’ at the Patricia*
James DanderferJelly Rolls In*
James DanderferCheer Up*
James DanderferFlash*
James DanderferLet’s Roll*
10:00 am – CLASSICAL CONNECTIONS with Rod Michell
Brandenburg Consort + Baroque Brass + Winchester Cathedral Choir (cond. David Hill)PURCELL:: Music for Funeral of Queen Mary
Montreal Symphony Ochestra (cond. Dutoit)BERLIOZ:: “Oraison” and “Apotheosis”*
Winchester Cathedral Choir + Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (cond. David Hill)WALTON:”Orb and Sceptre”
Westminster Abbey Choir (cond. James O’Donnell)PARRY: “Jerusalem” + “I was glad” + “Jerusalem”
Leeds Festival Chorus + English Northern Philharmonia (cond. David Lloyd-Jones)LAMBERT: “Summer’s Last Will and Testament” excerpts to the end
Virgil Fox (organ)ALAIN: “Litanies”
12:00 pm – Locally Produced with CFBX
1:00 pm – Giving Your Time – TRU Alumni Podcast with CFBX
2:00 pm – Connections with CFBX
3:00 pm – Rendezvous de la Francophonie with Syndicated
4:00 pm – Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall
XolipCome All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies*
Kim BeggsWhiskeytown*
The Redhill ValleysAnymore*
Lizzy HoytOne Hundred Years or More
woe11erBrambles and Thorns*
woe11erAvian Confessional*
woe11erWhere We Talk Around*
Sheila VeerkampBeauty and Grace*
Diana JonesCrossing Borders
Ken WhitelyLong Time Travelling*
Martyn JosephThis Light is Ours
7:00 pm – Hardkore Punk Project with Ben McDougall
Goodnight SunriseTimesick*
Pillars of a Twisted CitySubatomic Love*
Electric CallboyMind Reader
OsyronBeyond the Sun*
VilivantRunning on Empty*
KEN ModeThrow Your Phone in the River*
OvODistillati di Tenebre Part 3
SinneryMouthful of Nails
Garden DogTo Survive is to Triump*
8:00 pm – Do Not Touch This Amp with Rev. Steve Marlow
Easy IdiotWork*
Blessure GraveHope for the Worst
Kamikaze NurseAileen*
The SlimeInstinct*
Fetus BlastersMy Shirt is Too Tight*
Scraping Foetus Off the WheelLust for Death
PharoansThe Colonel’s Assissination
Stick FarmScrum*
Sex PistolsGod Save the Queen
MudhoneyWe Hate the Bloody Queen*
The Golden BoysOlder Than You
9:00 pm – Counting Sheep with Thamindu
Roger EnoStars and Wheels
The RH FactorRich Man’s Welfare
The Cookers QuintetMudbug Shuffle*
Gary EllisI Concentrate On You
Joey AlexanderSummer Rising
King GeedorahNext Levels
Caity Gyorgy12th Avenue*
Jalbert and BeaulieuEn Attendant*
Jalbert and BeaulieuLe Trebuchet*
Herbie HancockEmbraceable You
Tia BradzaWhen I Get Low, I Get High*