Log Fri Jul 8

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July 08, 2022

8:00 am – Back Porch Bluegrass with Paul Trenwith
Paul TrenwithSoaring on the Strings
Joe Mullins and the Radio RamblersReadin’ Rightin’ Route 23
Scott BrannonGeorgia Bound
Bela FleckWheels Up
Seldom SceneWant of a Woman
The All-Girl BoysAnother Heart Won Over
Stanley BrothersThe Memory of Your Smile
Roland White and FriendsWhy You’ve Been Gone So Long
Roland White and FriendsFarewell Blues
J E Mainer’s MountaineersBlue Ridge Mountain Blues
Scott BrannonIf I Lose
Lilly BrothersThat Star Belongs to Me
Burchfield Family and Co.Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
The All-Girl BoysGoing to See My Baby
Seldom SceneCannonball
9:00 am – CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase with CFBX
Christopher ArrudaO Eight O Seven O Eight*
Christopher ArrudaDestroyer*
Christopher ArrudaLank Chop*
Christopher ArrudaDays to the End of Coal*
Christopher ArrudaOlympus at Noon*
Christopher ArrudaSlap City*
Christopher ArrudaGod Hates a Coward*
Christopher ArrudaCJ Somers*
Christopher ArrudaWe’d Be Good Men*
Christopher ArrudaBut This Or*
Christopher ArrudaSwain*
Christopher ArrudaDakota*
12:00 pm – CLASSICAL CONNECTIONS with Rod Michell
Duo ChinoiserieDEBUSSY: “Golliwog’s Cakewalk”
Duo ChinoiserieGRANADOS: “Oriental” from Danzas Espanolas Op.37
Vienna State Opera Orchestra (cond. Laszlo Somogyi)DVORAK: Overture “In Nature’s Realm”
Lydia Artymiw (piano)TCHAIKOVSKY: “July” from The Seasons
Vancouver Chamber Choir (dir.Jon Washburn)CHATMAN: “Elizabethan Summer”*
English Chamber Orchestra + Nigel Kennedy (violin)VIVALDI: “Summer” from the Seasons
Dana Zenobi (soprano) + Oliver Worthington (baritone) + Chuck Dillard (piano)CHAMINADE: “A Travers Bois”
Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie (cond. Daniel Raiskin)L.GLASS: “Sommerliv Suite”
12:00 pm – Pura Vda with Giselle Davila
Michael LaukeFlamenco Road*
The Hero*
Between Two Seas*
Wide River*
1:00 pm – Giving Your Time – TRU Alumni Show with CFBX
4:00 pm – Beautiful Noise with Gerry Jack Macks
Gerry Jack MacksBeautiful Noise*
Burke RosenTrash Collector*
Michelle SimpsonBad Luck Happens in Threes*
Michelle SimpsonHot Blues and Cold Beer*
Zachary LuckyRex’s Blues*
Alex PangmanWho-oo? You-oo! That’s Who!*
Alex PangmanHappy as the Day is Long*
Alex PangmanSome of These Days*
Rosalie DrysdaleMisty*
Marshall PottsHearts in the Sky*
Garnett BettsHigh Bar*
Whitey SomersAin’t Nothing But the Morning Blues*
Sherman DoucetteBlowin’ Through Town*
The Co-ConspiratorsThe Promise*
Queen KongBethema (ft. Beth Silver)*
Queen KongLet Me Take My Time*
7:00 pm – Hardkore Punk Project with Ben McDougall
KingfisherBefore You Start*
DeadwolffWalking on Nail*
SobernotSmoke Masters
Immortal GuardianEchoes
Sissy SpacekUntitled 1
Sorcier des GlacesExtreme Cold Weather*
PaganizerUnpeaceful End
DetherousBrain Death*
SpheresSpiritual Journey
8:00 pm – Do Not Touch This Amp with Rev. Steve Marlow
BullosaMy Dogs*
DJ PnutzCravings
NickelmanNight Walk
Northern StateA Thousand Words
Kitz WillmanPinch Rattlesnake*
Times Neue RomanWay Way Down*
Lee ReedMoving Finger*
Pierre KwendersSahara*
Keys N KratesPull Up*
Paul SeaBreak Yourself*
Thug ShellsBrain Candy*