DownTown Kamloops celebrates Spring

From May 11-14 DowntownKamloops put on their SpringFest event that included sidewalk sales, restaurant specials, pop-up games, art and live music on the street. At the west end of Victoria Street, a woman had her easel out and was painting a picture of large white flowers. Musically,

I heard a couple of tunes from Peter Thorne on guitar and his friend Jason on keyboards. They had a soulful vibe going on and it was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, I arrived as they were playing their last songs, but I really enjoyed what I did hear.

On Friday I caught most of the performance by David Olds and his friends, otherwise known as the Mojo Klub.

Olds is a multi-instrumentalist. On this day he played guitar, harmonica, keyboards, trumpet and sang, at various times. Nino Martino joined him on lead guitar and vocals, Greg Barron played bass and Russel Trainor handled the percussions without drum sticks. They covered a diverse range of musicians which included Van Morrison, The Who, the Tragically Hip, Duran Duran, The Bare Naked Ladies, Tom Petty, and The Cranberries. They ended with Get Back by Steely Dan. Here David Olds played a very cool trumpet solo. They were located across the street from Dorian’s Restaurant and had supporters enjoying the show and applauding frequently.

Down the street there were plenty of clothes for sale on display outside and a table or two of other products. The event got beautiful weather and seemed to be a success.

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