Great Area Bands Still Gracing the Stage of the Blue Grotto

April Shows at The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in Kamloops, BC, continues with it’s great selection of local and regional talent. Following are photos from the Shattered Blue performance on April 22.

A previous promotion for the band says “Shattered Blue is a high energy Rock band from Kamloops … local favourite, as they cover a wide range of songs from the classics (Queen) to more modern selections (The KIllers).”

Next, some photos from The Young’uns on April 28. Their website lists: Tim Reardon, Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards, Brad Krauza, Bass Guitar / Vocals, Matt Rands, Drums / Vocals.

“The Young’uns are widely known as one of the most sought after bands in BC’s interior and Okanagan Valley, but have also played at many venues and events all across Canada, and even in the US. Our extensive setlist includes everything from classic rock to current top 40 pop hits.”

All shows were well attended and the dance floor was full of patrons enjoying themselves. The Grotto is often open on Thursdays and have featured internationally known bands, along with punk and metal shows. For more information go to


  1. Thanks CFBX ! I have shared your email with my brother brad krauza of The Younguns 😊 He really appreciates the share 😊
    Wendy Krauza


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