The Rumble at the Kami

The poster said it all. “Headcheese vs. Mother Sun. The most controversial rock event in Kamloops history.” On Friday December 16 the Kami Inn hosted, what at least has to be a first in Kamloops history. Punk rock band Headcheese and psych/pop rock band Mother Sun performed one of the most unusual and inventive music performances in Kamloops history. The build-up to the show reminded me of a wrestling match. Band vs. band. What are they talking about? So, more or less, this is what happened. There were two stages set up in the Kami. Both bands were on their respective stages at the same time. They did one song each back and forth, and both bands playing at once.

It was chaos, but such wonderful chaos. The audience in the packed house took over the dance floor and it became a major mosh pit, with jumping, slamming, and falling prevailing. Lead singer Lewis Jay of Headcheese was in the middle of it and took a tumble or two and just brushed it off. Moshers were among the band members as the chaos ensued. In spite of all this both bands played tunes from their own catalogues and the audience could recognize them. Some even sang along with the lead singers. The sheer energy of both the audience and the musicians was incredible.

Between songs chants of “Fight, fight, fight,” broke out as the audience played along with the premise. Many local musicians were in attendance for this performance. In reality both bands are quite good friends. Dj Mmnaps kept the vibe happening between sets and before the show.

While the premise might have been unusual, the result was musically brilliant and both bands added to each other’s sounds. That was probably the most fun I had at a show in a long time. While I avoided the mosh pit, I was close enough to see the faces of the moshers/dancers and the bands, and it would be an understatement to say they had fun. Oh, the fight? Who won it? The audience, of course.