CFBX Yearender, Sunday, Dec 18

Hi everyone, you are invited to tune in to CFBX’s on air year end Christmas party on Sunday, December 18th from 9 AM to 6 PM. All day, we’ll be taking a look back at the year past, playing some of our favourite music, talking about our on air programs and spreading some Christmas cheer.

Every hour will feature a new host and every 15 minutes will feature a new interview subject. The schedule for December 18th is below:

9 AM Host: Steve Marlow
9:00 AM: Giselle Davila (host, Pura Vida)
9:15 AM: Angelo Anastasio (host, Panorama Italiano)
9:30 AM: Gene McDonnell (host, Celtic Connection)
9:45 AM: Zoey Zhu (host, Asian-Pop)

10 AM Host: Rob Weins
10:00 AM: Steve Marlow (host, Do Not Touch This Amp)
10:15 AM: Flavian Owadi (new host)
10:30 AM: Jim Dupuis (host, Jazz Notes)
10:45 AM: Gerry Macks (host, Beautiful Noise)

11 AM Host: Rod and Julie Simmons
11:00 AM: Rob Weins (host, The Sink)
11:15 AM: Rod Simmons (host, When Swing Was King)
11:30 AM: Madison Olds (local musician)

12 PM Host: Radhika Tabrez
12:00 PM: Meer Abidi (host, Storytelling with Meer)
12:15 PM: Julie Simmons (host, On the Marquee)
12:30 PM: Jason Bermiller (host, ProgDog)
12:45 PM: Joan Edah (host, Afro Drive)

1 PM Host: Mike Weddell
1:00 PM: Radhika Tabrez (host, New in the Loops)
1:15 PM: Dieveek Agarwal (host, Downtime with Dev)
1:30 PM: Darrell and Mike (Connections)

2 PM Host: Jeremy Androsoff
2:00 PM: Mike Weddell (host, Live Mike)
2:15 PM: DJ pftsh (host, The Sess Pool)
2:30 PM: Leah Quintana (host, In the Void)
2:45 PM: Annette Gauthier (Kamloops Players)

3 PM Host: Vince Almond
3:00 PM: Jeremy Androsoff (host, Anime-d in Japan)
3:15 PM: Jason Beers (host, Indy Rock Dance Party)
3:30 PM: Dylan Olson (host, Alternative Eye)
3:45 PM: Doc Charles (host, Hiway 61)

4:00 PM Host: Faith Bateman
4:00 PM: Vince Almond (host, Blues Boogie and Bop)
4:15 PM: Rod Michell (host, Classical Connections)
4:30 PM: Brant Zwicker (ex-host, Stormy Mondays)
4:45 PM: Bart Cummins (host, Unscripted)

5:00 PM Host: Bart Cummins
5:00 PM: Faith Bateman (host, Commitment Issues)
5:15 PM: Jonah Fong (host, Classical with Jonah)
5:30 PM: Farzaan Ahmed (host, Worldbeat Fusion)
5:45 PM: Myles Gregory (host, Broken Glass)