A Perfect Fit: Yale County and The Effie

Gerry Sherk and Marie Jackson dropped by CFBX on Wednesday to tell us about their upcoming show at The Effie and played a song. They, then, appeared at The Effie on Friday night December 2. The band was formerly known as the Yale County Jug Band. Sherk explained that, as the band no longer has the double bass and washboard it is not a jug band. Therefore, he shortened the name to Yale County Band. Added to the band are drummer Eddie Carusi and bassist Joel Wilson.

Returning members of this talented group are Justin Bently on guitars and backing vocals, Marie Jackson on lead and backing vocals and percussion. The band leader Gerry Sherk is on guitars and lead and backing vocals. Sherk composed all of the tunes and also provided humorous banter between songs.

The popular roots/rock band played songs from their 2018 self-titled album, such as Big House, Mi Sombrero and Direction, along with a few newer ones. Vocalist Marie Jackson was given a larger role. She got to show off her vocal prowess on the songs, Ties, Shudder and Trouble. Bently pulled out the 12 string and rocked out on Summer Haze.

Carusi and Wilson provided very strong backing for a band that covers a variety of genres, sometimes in one song. Being that it is the Christmas season, of course, Yale County had a Christmas sing-along. I have to admit the audience did a good job participating in “Mary, Merry Christmas,’ a seasonal song that is both funny and sad.

The night ended with an encore The happy Kamloops audience headed out into the snowy night after being well entertained in a lovely venue.