Punk Rock Triple Header at the Kami Inn

When you get punk bands SoundCity Hooligans, and Let’s Go from Kamloops, together and throw in Calgary’s touring band Quit It! at the Kami Inn, you can be sure there is going to be a party. On August 29 Let’s Go, the younger of the three bands, opened the show. They played tracks from their last album “Disposable Year.” Their lively set got the dance floor/mosh pit beginning to fill at this point. As more concert-goers showed up, it continued to swell. Let’s Go is a local band consisting of Tyler Hall, guitar and vocals, Dan Hum, guitar and vocals, Will Bruce, drums and vocals, Scott Sternig on bass and vocals.

Let’s Go

They showed their talents during their fun up-tempo set and were rewarded with applause from the audience, who appreciated their skills.

Next up was the Calgary band Quit It! They were nearing the end of an Alberta/BC tour where they are showcasing their self-titled EP and played tunes from it and an upcoming album that will be released in October. Some band members previously appeared in Kamloops as the River Jacks.

While the audience filled the dance floor for their tunes, the local punk fans are a bit more safety conscious than in the proverbial “old days,” where mosh pits could be fairly dangerous. Still, there was plenty of jumping, yelling and enjoying the tunes. Lastly, SoundCity Hooligans took the stage to the delight of the local fans. The Hooligans have reached legendary status in the Kamloops music scene. The band consists of the talented group of Bobby Hooligan Hill, guitars & vocals, Dustin Bremner, bass guitar, Steve Kinnee, drums, and Santa Deucey, guitars and vocals.

They have a fairly large catalogue of tunes on YouTube and elsewhere. They played many of them on this evening. Some friends in the audience joined in and sang along with Santa Deucey on his michrophone as the dancing reached a fever pitch during their performance. SoundCity Hooligans lived up to their well deserved reputation.

While punk genre has quite a few sub-genres sounds from this evening brought to mind bands such as the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, the Clash, Sex Pistols and the Pogues. Yet, each band put their personal touch on their performance. The audience in The Kami Inn had a great time and hopefully more punk shows will happen in Kamloops.