Aerialists bring Celtic fusion to Music in the Park

Music in the Park continues bringing in not only quality local artist, but artists from all over Canada and the USA. Aerialists met in the USA at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, but are all Canadians. They are also spread across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver, but come together for recording albums and touring.

Formed as a trio of Elise Boeur on the fiddle, Mairi Chaimbeul (originally from Scotland) on the harp and Adam Iredale-Gray on the guitar, Aerialists have been nominated for a Juno, and have three albums to their credit. They play a style of music that uses traditional Celtic and Nordic folk at it’s heart, but adds a rock swagger on top of it, making them a sly, intriguing fusion of old and new.

The band played a variety of instrumental folk, seamlessly weaving the fiddle with harp and piano, along with vocal tracks sung in English, Scots Gaelic and Swedish.

Aerialist played Music in the Park on August 1, 2022.