Winnipeg’s Veneer play Pizza Pi.

On Thursday, July 14th, Pizza Pi hosted a short concert from a new Winnipeg band, Veneer. They’ve been around since 2016, and have one EP and a few singles to their credit.

Veneer at Pizza Pi

Veneer formed as a collaboration between old friends Sam Sarty (bass) and Talula Schlegel (guitar), who both play in other established bands in Winnipeg, Living Hour and PC Cherry, respectively. They added drummer Claire Boning, of another local band, Basic Nature, to fill out the band. As a trio of women and their upbeat, jangly indy-garage sound, favourable comparisons to the golden days of Vancouver’s cub are inevitable.

Veneer only played about eight songs, making about a half-hour concert., but they were all great tunes. They’re off to Vancouver for a show, then back to Winnipeg to work on their debut full length album, due in January 2023.

Hear an interview CFBX did with Veneer.