Gypsy Jazz and Classical Music Intersect at The Sagebrush

On Friday November 4 the Sagebrush Theatre hosted the Van Django & KSO performance. Due to pandemic requirements the seating was limited, but there was a reasonable sized audience in the recently repaired theatre. Van Django is a gypsy jazz quartet from Vancouver. The program lists Cameron Wilson on violin, Jared Burrows on guitar, Fin Manniche on guitar and cello and Brent Gubbels on bass. Dina Gilbert conducted the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra players. The show was a fun mix of gypsy jazz with some classical music background.

Van Django performed a couple of songs from their own catalogue and covered a few from the Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli book. They played a fun number called The Fist of Beethoven with the KSO members that encompassed many genres of music including disco, funk and rock. From the Great American Songbook they covered Blue Moon and Sweet Georgia Brown.

At the end of the performance they received a well deserved standing ovation. Van Django with the KSO will appear again on Saturday November 6.

Also, will be a fun, family-friendly introduction to the symphony called The Wild Orchestra on November 7th at 2:00 and 4:30 PM. Both of these performances will soon be available for online viewing. Check Kamloops Live Box Office for details.