CFBX Returns to Full Schedule on Mon, October 18th

After 18 months of limited programming, CFBX is returning to its full broadcast schedule.

The volunteer programmers of CFBX are back on the air live!

In March 2020, CFBX shut down to live broadcasting in response to the Covid pandemic, and operated for 11 months with pre-programmed material, programmed from home by a handful of dedicated CFBX volunteers, and syndicated programming from other Canadian and international sources.

In February 2021, CFBX was given permission to broadcast limited live programming during the day, with extensive safety protocols. 12 volunteers were able to return to live broadcast, with another 8 continuing to program their shows from home.

Since February, CFBX has been waiting for the day it would be allowed to open fully again. And that day has finally come, with a return to live broadcasting on Monday, October 18th.

Close to 30 volunteer programmers will be returning to the air on the 18th, making up 32 hours of live programming. This is much less than pre-pandemic, but new volunteers are being trained currently, so the numbers will be expanding quickly in the near future.

CFBX is still in need of new volunteers to help fill out the live program schedule. Everyone is welcome to apply to become a volunteer, and both TRU students and community members will be considered.

CFBX is a not-for-profit, alternative radio station programmed entirely by volunteers. We play a wide variety of non-commercial music, from folk, classical and jazz to punk, electronic and heavy metal, as well as an eclectic mix of spoken word programming. CFBX is dedicated to providing TRU and Kamloops with material that cannot be heard on other radio stations in town, and prides itself on providing space for community voices and featuring local music and culture.

To apply, phone to 250-377-3988, email to or drop by the station at House 8 on the TRU campus, just behind the Campus Activity Centre.

To view the current program schedule, click on our Programming link on our home page, or click here.

We asked our volunteers what it meant to them to be able to program live after 18 months of recording from home. Here’s what they said:

Jeremy Androsoff, host, Anime-d in Japan (Sunday, 2-4 PM): These last 18 months have been an eye opener for us all. Everyday, things we had become accustomed to changed in, what felt like an instant. For those of us “on-air personalities,” we switched from live ‘on-air’ to recording from our homes; well, those of us who had the means to, that is. As a performer by nature, I sincerely miss the uncertainness and improbability that live shows offer. You just never know what is going to happen. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed building my audio editing and microphone skills with the transition to pre-recording from home. This ‘break’ also birthed my second show, “The Vision of Eurovision,” which may not have come to fruition otherwise; as well as a new ‘theme song’ for “Animé-d in Japan ‘Insanity on the Radio.'” I am grateful for the 16+ years I have been on air at CFBX, and am looking forward to many more, as we return to the airwaves, live, full time, while adapting and evolving, as is nature, to anything and everything that the future brings to us

Steve Marlow, host, Do Not Touch This Amp (Friday, 8-9 PM): The pandemic has been trying on all of the programmers at our station. I’ve been programming from home since we started doing home programming, because I felt it was important to keep the show going for those who listen to it and crave the style of music I program. Programming from home is time-consuming (it takes about 3 hours to put together 1 hour of radio) and it’s not spontaneous at all. Everything is programmed down to the right cues, and timing is always a huge factor. It wasn’t much fun as live radio. Now, I’ll be able to be creative and program a bit more in the moment, which is important for any live radio program. And I’ll be able to play vinyl records again, so expect to hear those exciting cracks, hisses and pops and come with a tasty vinyl record!

Gene McDonnell, host, Celtic Connection (Wednesday, 1-2 PM): During the pandemic I missed doing my show and I didn’t have the technology, or the knowledge, to send my show in digitally, so now I am back on live and it is great to playing my music again to every one out there in the ether, my friends, and all the listeners of the great CFBX radio, where there is such a kaleidoscope of great music from folk to classic and every thing in between. In the future I will be playing more great folk music from not only from Ireland and Scotland, but also playing music of some of the great Canadian artists, which are many.

Dylan Olson, host, Alternative Eye (Wednesday, 6-7 PM): Being back on air live means everything. I get to discover more new artists that I have never heard before. I also get to play their music on the air, with more resources available to find the information I need. Going back to live programming is exciting because more importantly, I get to gain more on air experience. Having more on air experience is always important.

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