Chair Dancing at the Grotto with Shattered Blue

Live music is back at the Blue Grotto in Kamloops, BC. With Covid protocols in place there were some changes to the iconic downtown nightclub. Some areas had plexiglass partitions and there was no dancing or visiting other tables allowed. The well-informed and customer focused staff made everyone’s night safe and enjoyable.

This is the second weekend the Grotto has been open since the pandemic closing. This night the band was Shattered Blue. They are often nominated for the KTW Reader’s Choice Best Band Award. This fine group consists of Renea Davis, and Nicole Clay vocals, Jodie Paton, keys, Eddy Carusi on drums, Todd Flodstrom on guitar, and Corey Yamakoa on bass.

Renea Davis is an amazing singer who can belt out rock tunes with the best of them. Nicole Clay also has a wonderful voice and that adds an element of harmony that many bands don’t have. The excellent lead team of Todd Flodstrom on lead guitar and Jody Paton on keyboard created very, cool sounds and the rhythm section of Corey Yamakoa and Eddy Carusi did a great job of keeping the beat going.

The night was full of musical highlights. While I liked everything I heard, Shattered Blue’s versions of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, Credence’s Fortunate Son and the appropriate Saturday Night of Elton John fame were my favourites. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin, as expected turned into an unofficial sing-a-long. The happy patrons, many of whom had not heard live music in a long time were respectul of the staff and generally understood that enforcing Covid protocols was harder on the staff at the Grotto than it was on the patrons, although chair dancing likely isn’t as much fun.

The Blue Grotto hosts another great local band Someone to Blame next weekend. Check the Blue Grotto website and Facebook page for more info about upcoming shows.

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