LooPS Comes Into Their Own

The band LooPS entered the CBC Searchlight competition and were the only local band to make The Top 50 Decided by Audience Votes. They entered their song ‘One More Story.’ LooPS is comprised of two Kamloops musicians, Kevin Roy and Jon Fennell.

Kevin Roy & Jon Fennell of LooPS

“We are a two man acoustic piano group. We are a modern blend of Ed Sheeran kind of vibe, mixed with old school Simon and Garfunkel harmonies and Elton John type of piano vibe,” explained Kevin. They met, when both were hosting local jams and hit it off as musicians and friends.

LooPS performing at the Central Station Pub Jam

They told me that they were very excited to announce that they were going to record a full-length album in June. Jon said, “This has been a process that started even before Kevin and I met. There are a couple of songs that you are going to hear on the album that I wrote a couple of years before I met Kevin and a couple he wrote prior to meeting me, as well as songs that we have written together. We found a way to mash them up into this album that we are incredibly proud to bring for to the city of Kamloops and BC, to anybody that is willing to listen.” They scored a big coup in getting legendary producer and musician Doug Cox to produce their album. They had met during an emerging artists showcase. They performed their favourite original song. Kevin said, “’It’s called ‘One More Story.’ We did that and we’re proud to say we knocked their shoes off. They are supposed to give you criticism and critique, tell you what you can do to improve and do better, and I kid you not, they literally had nothing negative to say. The entire room was like “You guys sound fantastic. You obviously have been doing this for a long time.” After that we networked with Doug Cox. We contacted him and told him that we wanted to produce this properly with the right person and understanding that he was busy, but could he lead us the right way. We were humbled to have Doug, straight-out tell us “If you want to work with me, I would be happy to be a part of this process and I would produce your album for you.”

Doug Cox

So, we actually go him and he is excited to be part of the process as much as we are excited to be working with him. It’s humbling. It’s the only word to describe it.”

The album will consist of eleven original songs, that LooPS had been adding to their repertoire in shows pre-Covid. Kevin explained, “It’s just eleven tracks; us, the piano, the guitar and lots of harmonies. We’re going to hope we put it out there and the universe accepts it.”

I asked LooPS how the album would be funded. Jon explained that after much research they decided on Indiegogo. “Indiegogo is a platform where you are able to make a donation to what we are doing here. So, it’s going towards our album and expenses along the way, as well. We have tons of perks. You can get your pre-sale copy of the album. You can get a signed copy, t-shirts, hats and other merch as well. Then, there’s bigger things. You can get a private show; a round of golf with us. There are different perks along the way. It is definitely worth checking out. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-loops-self-titled-debut-lp#/.

Jon Fennell of LooPS
Kevin Roy of LooPS

Both Kevin Roy and Jon Fennell of LooPS are very excited about their upcoming recording session with Doug Cox and expect the album to be available later in the summer on a number of platforms and on a few formats. Stay tuned for more info and keep voting for them in the CBC Searchlight Competition.