Help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary

CFBX is celebrating 20 years on the air this whole year. We signed on the morning of April 2nd, 2001 and our anniversary is something we want to celebrate with all of you. If you are a listener, musician, fan or ex-programmer at CFBX, record a birthday greeting and send it to We’ll be collecting your birthday greetings and using them on air throughout the year!

We are now giving away prize packs! Check out our Facebook page for giveaway info and to enter. Each prize pack will include a tote back full of goodies, including a mug, a face mask, a pen, and a ball cap, all with our special 20th anniversary logo, along with free music.

Keep listening to hear our first batch of 20th anniversary birthday greetings from local and national musicians, on air hosts and other radio and industry folk.