The Other Music in the Park

Walter Quinlan and Al Tellier

On a beautiful Friday afternoon I encountered two gentlemen having a coffee and playing some music in a Kamloops park. I chatted with them briefly and hung out and heard a few songs. I was quite moved, as I hadn’t heard live music in a very long time. They let me request a song and played another from their vast musical knowledge. The musicians in question were Al Tellier and Walter Quinlan.

They are both well known on the local coffee house circuit. They played their version of “Mind Your Own Business,” a tune made famous by the immortal Hank Williams. Then, they gave me a much appreciated music lesson after playing Jessie Colter’s “Storms Never Last.” While it was a nice day for March, Al explained to me that the cold air affected the guitar’s tuning. It was time to go, so I left them to continue enjoying the beautiful day, each other’s company, and playing music. That is something they obviously enjoy doing, very much.