Letting Go of the Physical World

This isn’t an easy thing to do. No, we are not talking about physical death here; we are talking about challenging, and hopefully changing, the idea that the physical world controls us.

Building on last week’s show about direct pointing/awareness; this show is using questions to challenge some common beliefs about reality and our role in it.

We are typically looking at things backwards, because it makes sense to our brain to do so. For instance, did you ever wonder if there really are such things as “minds”? What if there were not? What if minds are nothing more than a stream of single thoughts, one after the other? Does calling this a mind make any difference to our experience?

Yes, if we decide that minds actually exist as a thing, or that only minds are aware – both false beliefs.

Hear the show replay at this link: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/undotheego/CEE_Let_Go_of_the_Physical_World_Feb_23_2021.mp3