Direct Experience – or Not

Even though we think we see what is around is, the truth is that indeed, we THINK, not see, what is around us. What we think of as direct experience with the world is a fallacy.

Your eyes can only see colour – red, blue, green – not all shades of colours. In dim light, you can see black or white. Your brain literally makes us the rest of what you think you see, including the multitude of colours.

For instance, your eyes cannot see edges or shapes – all they can register is a change in colour. The brain deduces that change in colour as an edge or shape. Your eyes cannot identify a pen, penil or syringe from a plate of cup – your brain does all of that. Your body has a very simple awareness and your brain works with that to make sense of the world.

From this realization, you can also realize that what you see – or think you see – cannot be separated from the awareness of it. Yes, your awareness may be unconscious, but it is scientifically proven that the mind is so sharp that it instantly records the incoming (simple) sensory data whether it is brought to your conscious awareness or not.

Once you realize that seeing cannot be separated from awareness, then you have to ask: if your seeing (the sensing and mind computation that goes into eyesight) cannot be separated from the awareness of it, then can what you think you see be separated from the awareness of it?

This is a tricky point – the object “exists” in your awareness of it.

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