Non duality explained, part 2

Asked by a listener to provide an every day, “layman’s” guide to understanding non-duality – a challenge! This is a non-scholarly attempt to explain non-duality from the inside out. This is part 2, and it focuses on a more general explanation of non duality. Part 1 (last week) focused almost exclusively on the role of awareness within non duality.

It’s simple to say that ‘non-dual’ means ‘not-two’. Not quite so simple to explain!

The vast majority of us see the world as being made up of many things, and we operate primarily from a position of ‘I’. We see the world through a lens of me or not-me. This is duality – two or more things.

Non-duality requires relinquishing the concept of ‘I’.

As almost all of us define ‘I’ with the body as the boundary, it can be useful to look at whether our view of the body as a deciding line is valid.

The show replay is here:

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