Direct Path Options

Even though the words, “Direct Path” imply there is ONE direct path to enlightenment, in reality there are many paths considered “Direct Path” with differing orders of magnitude of difficulty.

Defining a Direct Path is not necessarily exact. There are many definitions. A Direct path usually has no Holy Text (but there are exceptions to that) and no church, ashram or sangha to attend (again, with exceptions.)

A Direct Path is supposed to lead you directly to enlightenment – a quick pathway, but perhaps a hard path to follow. Without the support of a church or community, the seeker is left to seek on his or her own.

Of the variations of Direct Paths, some are considered to be progressive or intermediate. A progressive path works to improve the human psychological condition at the same time as working towards the realization of enlightenment. An intermediate path is one which has set out steps, or levels of achievement or knowledge.

Another variable is the lack of definition of enlightenment or awakening. Without a clear end goal, choosing a path can be difficult. Different teachers offer different approaches, and in the end, no one path is better or worse than another.

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