Time and Ego, Part 2

The concept of time as the basis of the ego is new to many people, and new concepts are often difficult to understand at first. In this show, we take a second look at the idea of the ego needing time to be able to exist, or even form in the first place.

If the brain does not have a concept of the past, and also of having existed in the past, existing now and expecting to exist in the future, the concept of there being a ‘self’ is totally undermined. When completely immersed in the moment of now without past or future, there is no room for a self to exist, and no reason for one to exist. Think of moments of flow that you may have had, where you were completely immersed in what you were doing, and the ego was not talking to you or even existing in your mind.

But we have learned from childhood that there are such actual things as the past and the future. It’s deeply ingrained, not as a concept but as a fact. Reversing course on what has been understood to be a fact can be very difficult.

The actual concept is simple by itself – it is just the moving past the idea of past and future being real ‘things’ that holds difficulty.

The show replay is here: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/undotheego/CEE_Time_and_Ego_part_2_Dec_17_2020.mp3