Time as the Base of the Ego

When we are completely in the present moment, there is no past and no future – and also no ego.

When we divide up time into past, present and future, our brains think, ‘If there was something that was existing then in the past, and there is something existing now in the present, and there is a future, what is it that ties all this together? It must be an “I”.”

The ego has been born.

The concept of a future also brings in the concept of desire for a better life in the future, and the idea of comparison. Our brains think, “I did XYZ in the past, and got result ABC. I did FGH in the past and got result DEF. Which one did I like better?” Comparison began.

If we were living completely in the present moment, we would not be able to compare or have a concept of an “I” (the ego), or even desire for something different.

The show replay is here: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/undotheego/CEE_Time_as_Ego_Base_Dec_10_2020.mp3

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