Kamloops Musicians Provide All the Music For a CFBX Christmas Special

The upcoming first all-Kamloops musicians holiday show on CFBX features plenty of local talent and plenty of invention. It started out with a Facebook post from Kamloops musician Jeremy Kneeshaw announcing he had a new Christmas Album, called Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, coming out. I, then recalled that Lindsay May had put out her Christmas album, Sweet Cinnamon, last year. It was a given that I would interview Jeremy about his new album, as his other projects have often hit number one on the the CFBX charts. I would therefore play tracks off Got My Love To Keep Me Warm to complement the interview. Also a couple of tracks from Ms. May’s wonderful Sweet Cinnamon would fit in nicely.

Therefore, why not complete the show with all local musicians doing Christmas/seasonal songs. The question was, “Are there enough Christmas/Season digital tunes around to fill up a one hour show?” So, I put a message in the Kamloops and Area Musicians Facebook page. I asked if any of them had such songs in the works and if so, would they provide me with a digital copy to play on a show. The response was very heartwarming. Some were in the process of doing this and a number actually recorded originals and cover tunes for use. Gerry Sherk of Yale County Jug Band put together a cool original, non-traditional tune called Mary, Merry Christmas. Gerry Makaro aka Gerry Mack Jacks, got on board, too. He showed his inventive streak by making percussion/chime sounds out of glasses of liquid and substituted bowing on a bass for a string section with his version of Silent Night.

Ryan Noakes of the a capella band Slow No Tempo, put a couple of tracks together as a solo performer, doing all the voices and sounds himself! He also provided me with other music from Slow No Tempo. Their first Quarantet Christmas track, O Come All Ye Faithful/Adeste Fideles.was recorded in isolation using only their smart phones.

Ryan Noakes Slow No Tempo

Former Kamloops residents Anita Eccleston and Sheila Soares, will also help out. Anita is working on a tune and we have her great version of What a Wonderful World, that I always like to include in a Christmas show. Previously Sheila Soares sent us her original Our Kisses Melt the Snow. Last year David and Ronda Olds recorded a fun version of Baby It’s Cold Outside, too. Of course we need a full choir and the UCC Chorus will sing us The Wexford Carol from their 2002 CD On Student Street. Perhaps I will find more, but there is certainly plenty of music for an all Kamloops Christmas show and I will air it on Wednesday December 9th from 5-6 PM in the usual Jazz Notes time slot. It will also be re-broadcast over the holidays, times to be announced later. It was very cool to see the response from our local musicians and composers. I hope you all have a wonderful, Kamloops Christmas!