Religions As One

What if, at the core of their teachings, all major religions are saying the same thing? Perhaps many of us have wondered if there is the same thing, or something similar behind all the major religions, despite the differences in presentation, in prophets, in customs and in clergy. What if, instead of seeing differences, we could see the similarities?

What might those similarities be?

Apparently (from a brief, non-scholarly look) the major theistic religions all appear to promote the concepts of giving up the self to God, to BE Love, as God is Love, and to lose the egoic self in God. (Just some thoughts!)

What if our intellect could never adequately describe or understand God? That to understand God would mean turning ourselves and our intellect over to God so thoroughly that no sense of self remains?

This appears to be what the non-dual teachings (such as Buddhism) say as well.

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